Kasauti Zindagi Ki 01st March 2019 Episode Written Update

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 01st March 2019 Written Episode
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Today’s (01.03.2019) Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode starts with Prerna is shocked about her pregnancy and recollects the day when Anurag and Prerna consummated their relationship. Flashback shows Anurag and Prerna escape from Navin’s goon sand take shelter, Anurag helps Prerna with her wound on her lower back, the duo share a moment. They spend romantic time together and come closer, Prerna hesitates, Anurag tells her they are not doing anything wrong as they will get married in seven days.

Anurag and Prerna consummate their marriage, Anurag tells Prerna that what happened between them was love.. pure love…. Flashback ends as Prerna is tensed.

Anurag tells his mum that he cannot marry Komolika. Mohini tells him that it is not about him anymore, it is about both the families and their image, he has put put sindoor and finish his marriage with Komolika, he tells his mum he cannot do this, his heart is not ready to do this. Komolika’s father warns Nivi that he will ruin their family, if his gets insulted any further.Mishka taunts Komolika for being unlucky, Komolika says you are lucky to be saying this to me as you are my sister, i would not have spared any one else. Nivi tells Mohini to make Anurag understand as Komolika’s father is much upset and has threatened to ruin them. Anurag says i will talk to her father as i am responsible for all of this. Prerna is heartbroken that Anurag could not keep his promise and is worried about their child.

Mohini tells Anurgag that she had listened to him when he broke his marriage with Mishka and said that he wanted to marry Komoilika, now he has to listen to her, both Nivi and Mohini try to convince him, Anurag says fine, i will fulfill all rituals of marriage, but won’t fill sindoor in Komolika’s headline.

Mohini meets Komoila, she tells her about Anurag’s hesitant to fill sindoor, Komolika says, i am fine with this, you call Anurag. Mohini brings him back to mandap. Komolika announces that Anurag will not do sindoor rasam and she is okay with it, she confronts Anurag that she is ready biut he has to tell everyone, why he can’t do this rasam.

Precap: Anurag and Komolika get married, Prerna is at the hospital, doctors ask for father of child, Anurag visits the hospital ,Prerna faints down while he in his his car, he turns back, but misses to see her.

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