Kasauti Zindagi Ki 09 January 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 09th January 2018 Written Episode, Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update

Today’s (09.01.2019) Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode starts with Anurag’s office colleague asks him about his marriage and who is the lucky girl. Prerna enters the conference room, he looks at her, his colleague says, you both look good together. Prerna asks him what happened as he thinks about his friend’s comment. He says my friend thought we are a couple, she gets shy, he says never mind. He tells her to sit down. There is silence between them in the room as they think about talking to each other. They have a moment as Anurag leans forward to get a pen from desk and is close to her face, they look into each other’s eye. Prerna gets up from the chair and gives him the pen. She gets awakward and says i will go to the washroom. Prerna recollects the moment spent with Anurag and says i have to control my emotions. What will Anurag think about me, if he sees in my eyes, Mishka and Anurag will be getting married, i have to control my feelings. Anurag too thinks, what is happening, i was Prerna instead of Mishka, Moloy comes and asks him what happened. Anu asks him what if you see a person but the person is not in front of reality, what does it mean. Prerna says if you imagine someone every time, it means you are in love, but i don’t have a right to love him.

Prerna thinks to says i should tell him once what i feel for him, then i will stop thinking about him. Moloy asks him, you are seeing some girl, Anu make an excuse that it is his friend who is seeing a girl everywhere, Moloy tells him let me talk to your friend directly then, i will suggest, Anu tries to cover up, Moloy gives him tip that your friend should answer fiur question, if he sees the girl all the time, if her thoughts are always in his mind, does he love the girl, but is fighting with himself, that he does not love, Anurag says a BIG yes, then says my friend actually said yes, Moloy tells him to asks the same questions to the girl, if she also says yes, then it is understood, that love ho gaya.

Shivani meets Ronit at police statsion and asks him why did he do this to her, she says you are a liar, i am pregnant, i am responsible, but not you, i was such a idiot, i always thought we were in love, it was only physical for you, he says you sister came and humiliated me, he says my sis cannot do this, she says you trist me or your sister, she came and insulted me and my family, she says, it would have been better that i would have died, Ronit says look at me, i am sorry, i would never want this to happen to me, Shivani says stop your drama for forgiveness. He says how do i make you understand, should i die to make you realize that i am sorry. Shivani gets confused as he laughs and says you are a stupid type girl, i got emotional and you again trusted me, it is beacuse of this weakness, i have got more kick, whenever i tried to break up, you fell more in my love, and i have got what i wanted, Shivani sees Komolika who is surprised to see her too. Sge goes around Shivani and asks her what is she doing here, Shivani is scared, Komolika says your crooked sister has sent you here so Ronit can confess his crime, he says your sister has too much attitude which i will like to break, i will give her much pain. Shivani says my sister is very different, she has always stood by me, she knows how to make people strong and not like you. She is the best sister any one can never have, Komolika says i am not interested in your sob story, what your sister did to my brother, i would have sympathised with you, but your sister did wrong, she tells Shivani to get out. Komolika tells her brother, not to be scared of such people, i will not let these poeple come near you, she leaves.

Ronit says thank Goid, i saw my sis in time, if she would have seen me talking nicely to Shivani, she would have troubled Shivani more.

Prerna look for Anurag to tell her feelings to him. Anurag thinks about his father’s tip as he thinks about Prerna, he realizes that he is in love with Prerna and says the same to himself, love love love… he says how is this possible, i used to be away from this, how do i tell this to Prerna, but i have to say, She enters the room, he looks at her.


Mishka calls Anurag to talk to him and gets upset to see Prerna in his office room.

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