Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16 January 2019 Written Update, Written Episode

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Kasautii Zindagii Kay latest news

Today’s (16.01.2019) Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode starts with Mohini slaps Nivi. Prerna tells Shivani how she and Anurag were stuck in riots and how Anurag got hurt while saving her, he does not think about her, Shivani says see, he loves you thats why he has didn’t think of me, Prerna says he does not love me, i am only his friend, he forgets me in front of his family, Mishka has come to take him, they held their hands together, she gets into tears saying it is painful when you love someone and they regard you as friend, Shivani says to herself that Anu loves Prerna but he is not sure of his feelings.

Anurag says Mishka i would have dropped you, she says my driver will come to pick me, and now i can spend some time with you, he says its getting late, you should go home, she asks her about Prerna, she says she is a nice girl, he says yes, she is weird but nice, she asks if she has done first aid for him, Mishka says you should do proper bandage, she says this handkerchief of Perena, can give you infection, let me do your bandage. Mohin tells Nivi, if i have to believe what you are saying then what should i be doing. Nivi says get Anurag and Mishka married soon. Mohini says fine, i will announce Anurag and Prerna’s engagement tomorrow only. She says i am not doing this as you have warned me, i am doing as i want them to get engaged soon.

Anurag tells her i don’t need to the bandage. She says, you were Ok with the dirty handekercchief, you have problems with my bandage, she leaves, Anurag thinks of Prerna doing his first aid, he says Mishka was right, i didn’t stop Prerna when she was doing this, why? Anurag does a video call to Prerna, she says did you call me by mistake, he says i called you only, she asks what happened, he says how is your wound, she says you called to ask this, he says what do you think i called to see your face or your wet hair, its gets awkward, they joke about it. Prerna tells him to take care of his wound and drink haldi wala milk, he says i will do so, if you promise to do the same, Anurag asks her if she is coming to office tomorrow, they look for reasons to continue to talk, he says i will see you tomorrow. Prerna imagines Anurag doing first aid for her wound, deewani mastani song plays in background as she looks at Anurag with love, her mum breaks her dream as she calls her for dinner. Anurag also imagines Prerna healing his wound, tujhe yaad kar liya hai plays in background as he looks at her, Nivi breaks his dream and says mum has called you down.

Komolika heals her wounds and thinks about Anurag and says interesting, i should meet this boy, and find out who is this guy, who is not interested in me, you are a mystery boy Anurag, i love to solve mysteries. Mooly asks tapur, if she know ahy Mohini has called everyone. Anupam assumes that she has called to discuss property matters. Everyone is gathers, Mohini tells Mishka i am glad that you are back in my Anu’s life, she tells Anurag that i want you and Mishka to take the first step, i want to get you both engaged. Moloy is shocked. Anurag is speechless.


Komolika calls Prerna and says your ex boyfriend is doing something and he hasn’t told you yet. Nivi comes to meet Prerna and says your best friend Anurag is getting engaged to Mishka.

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