Kasauti Zindagi Ki 16 July 2019 Written Update: Veena to meet Prerna but learns Bajaj and Prerna have left for Switzerland

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus. Shivani tells Nivedita that Anurag is in the hospital. Mohini learns this and is much worried about Anurag as she rushes to meet him in the hospital. Mohini is shocked to see Anurag in bad state as he asks for Prerna again and again in half conscious state.

Doctor puts Anrag to sleep after giving an injection. He lies to Anurag that Prerna did not come to see him. Prerna knows that Anurag would have sensed her presence around him. Anurag gains consciousness and asks for Prerna. Mohini tells him that Prerna will come soon. He reveals the big truth that Prerna has married Mr. Bajaj and will never come now. Mohini is very much shocked and gets very angry.

Shivani calls Prerna to know the reason behind her big step to marry Mr. Bajaj but Prerna does not tell anything and faces Shivani’s anger. Shivani tells Prerna that no one could have ever loved her like Anurag. Mohini comes to meet Veena and her family. Veena is not aware about Prerna’s big step. Mohini get much upset and tells Veena that her daughter Prerna is selfish girl who has betrayed her son to marry a rich guy. Veena is not ready to believe this and breaks Prerna and Anurag’s relation after Mohini’s insulting words. Nivi and Mohini asks Veena to asks Shivani.

Shivani accepts the truth leaving Veena in a big shock, Mohini curses Prerna will never be happy in her life and will face a heartbreak just like her son.

Veena gets angry with Prerna and curses her to never stay happy. She does not know about Prerna’s big sacrifice for Anurag. She rushes to meet Prerna at Mr. Bajaj’s house. She finds out that Prerna and Mr. Bajaj have gone to Switzerland for a honeymoon trip. Veena can’t believe Prerna’s move and wants an answer.

Anurag will be following Prerna to Switzerland to win her love back.

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