Kasauti Zindagi Ki 17 January 2019 Episode Written Update

Star Plus Kasauti Zindagi Ki 17 January 2019 Written Episode, Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update

Today’s (17.01.2019) Kasauti Zindagi Ki episode starts with Anurag tries to speak to his um, but she says you both will be so happy together, Moloy tries to interfere, he says we should give some time, he is so surprised, she does not agree, Nivi says am so happy and congratulates Anurag and Mishka. Nivi says it will be fun to tell Prerna now that Anurag is getting engaged.

Mishka tells her sister that she i so sister that she is getting engaged Anurag, she was so happy when Mohini aunty announced. Komolika tells Mishka, your doubt was right, Prerna loves Anurag, but he is yet not sure about his felling, but you never know, and your Anurag’s charm is such that any girl will fall in love with him, but you don’t worry, your sister is Komolika. She asks if Prerna knows about engagement, Mishka says no, Komolika says, then i have to tells this to her.

Prerna thinks of Anurag and gets a call, she thinks it Anurag, but its Komolika, she asks her, how are you Prerna, she says you will not be happy, as i am doing good, Komolika says, then your peace and happiness will be ruined tommrow, i called to wish you all the best, Prerna warns her not to ruin her family, Komolika says, i was talking about you, when you will get hurt, how will you handle yourself, Komolika says your ex boyfriend Anurag is doing something an d he is not telling you, she tells Komolika not to bring Anurag between them. She tells Prerna to take rest as she will need lot of strength tomorrow, Prerna wonders, what will be happening tomorrow. Anurag dreams of Prerna where he stops her from leaving him, he wakes up calling for Prerna and realizes its a dream. Anupam comes to him. Anurag shares his dream with him, he tells Anurag that it is simple, you are getting engaged, but you have made a promise to someone else, thats why you are seeing Prerna going way, you fear losing her, Anurag refuses to understand, he tells we should get ready for engagement, mom is so happy, Anupam says ya right, you mom will be happy, Anurags ays Prerna is my best friend, she will never leave my side.

Nivedita come to meet Prerna at her house. She gives her sweets and tells her that her best friend Anurag is getting engaged to Mishka. Prerna is shocked, Rajesh says this is good news, we showuld call him and congratulate, Nivi says to herself, i wanted to see this expression on Prerna’s face, Nivi ssays last night Anurag thought, what if loses Mishka after being stuck in the riots, sso we also agreed for the engaged, Nivi says, Prerna you must be happy for your friend, Prerna makes an excuse, Nivi says you are all right, you haven’t shown your happiness, she says you all have to cometo basu House tonight for Anurag and Mishka’s engagement.

Anupam tells Nivi how can she do this to her brother, he says i know that Mohini took this decision because of you, Nivi says yes i have done this because of that middle class girl Prerna, Anupam says Anurag has agreed for engagement only sake of his mother. Moly also questions Mohini oveer her decision for Anurag’s engagement being unfair.


Komolika meets Anurag and tells him, now i have some rights on you, as i am Mishka’s sister, he sees Prerna and her family and excuses himself, Komolika notices this.

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Update: Anurag gets engaged to Prerna NOT Mishka

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