Kasauti Zindagi Ki 17 June 2019 Written Update: Mr Bajaj points gun at Anurag

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Here’s what will happen in today’s one hour special episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus. Mohini plays smart and talks to Veena sweetly. She tells Veena to select jwellery for Prerna. Veena tells Mohini that she will be lucky to have a bahu like Prerna and her daughter will bring happiness in Basu family. However, Mohini is convinced that Prerna is a bad omen for her family and wants Prerna to be out of their lives. Tapur and Sahil have a romantic moment and get teased by Shivani and Prerna.

Anurag is tensed when he talks to bank manager and gets to know of 14 bounced cheques. He catch holds of the manager from hi s company who has been avoiding his calls. He tells the guy that he has left his engagement ceremony for this emergency and demands to get answers from him. He asks his manager why did he freeze his bank account without informing him. Anurag is tensed that the bounced cheques will ruin is reputation. Anurag threatens to call the police as the manager is not ready to say anything. The manager reveals that his seniors have forced him to do so. He warns Anurag that Mr Bajaj is behind all of this. Anurag wants to know what are Mr Bajaj’s real intentions. He comes back home and tells Prerna about his business problems and how Mr Bajaj is trying to destroy him. Prerna is sure that together they can overcome this problems. Prerna tells him that she will always love him and never leave from his life. Anurag is happy to hear this.

Later, Mohini creates drama during the ceremony. She keeps a fish in the Shagun thali along with the jwellery meant for Prerna. Veena feels uneasy as they are pure vegetarians and tells Anurag about it. Mohini keeps a condition for Veena to touch the fish in order for Prerna to take the jwellery as shagun. Veena gets ready to the rasam for her daughter’s sake. However, Anurag handles the situation as he purifies the jewellery for Prerna. Shivani talks to Aryan over the phone and sees Ronit in Basu house. She gets tensed on seeing him. Ronit meets Shivani and threatens her. She fears that Ronit might hurt Anurag and Prerna.

Further, Mr Bajaj makes a BIG entry. He destroys a company and the employees protest against him. It does not bother him. He acts smart and strikes a deal with the union leader and takes over the company. He gets rude towards the people trying to ruin his image. He then targets Anurag’s company. Anurag meets Mr. Bajaj to confront him, He is held at a gunpoint by Mr. Bajaj. Anurag is tensed as he does not want to lose his company which is close to Moloy’s heart.

Mr Bajaj happen to see Prerna’s picture and gets a new goal to achieve.

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