Kasauti Zindagi Ki 18 April 2019 Update: Anurag gets drunk, slaps Komolika

Kasauti Zindagi Ki Written Update, Kasautii Zindagii Kay upcoming twists

Fans of Star Plus popular serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki (Balaji Telefilms) will have to ger up for some high voltage drama in the coming episodes!

It is seen that Komolika arranges for a party in Basu house to show her friends that she is Anurag’s wife and not Prerna. She is happy to send Prerna to jail. At the same time, Anurag is in pain to see Prerna in jail. He tells her that he would release her from jail but she has to get out of his life. Prerna refuses to do so and swears to destroy Komolika and his lfe. Anurag knows that Komolika can go to any extent to harm Prerna.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, we will see that Komolika waits for Anurag at the party while he steps out to meet Prerna in jail. He throws away his phone when Komolika keeps calling him. Komolika gets upset when the guests gossip about Anurag’s absence in the party. They discuss that Prerna is Anurag’s wife and Komolika has just trapped him. Anurag comes home and apologizes for being late. he makes an excuse that is phone got stolen.

Anurag pretends to be happy but he is much upset with Komolika. He wants to seek revenge from Komolika for troubling Prerna. He decides to insult her. Komoika gets life. He gets a drunk Komolika to his room. She romances him and wants his love. He slaps Komolika in anger and refuses to her love. Mohini tries to show Komolika and Anurag’s union to the guests at the party. Komolika gets drunk. Anurag gets her into the room. She romances him and wants his love. He gets angry and slaps Komolika. He refuses to her love. Komolika gets upset with this insult and heads to the police station to meet Prerna. She insults Prerna once again. Komolika and Anurag will be getting against and have an open war.

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