Kasauti Zindagi Ki 22 August 2019 Update

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Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus. Mohini shows the party pictures to Sharda Masi and the one which has her cutting the rope of the Chandelier. Prerna and her family try to get Veena out of jail.

Inspector informs Prerna that Sharda Masi has filed a complaint against her mother and Sharda has to take the complain back. Prerna is shocked and assured her family that she will do everything to get Veena out of jail.

Masi tells Mohini that she loves Mr. Bajaj a lot. Mohini asks her then why did she try to kill him and frame Veena for the incident. Maasi asks Mohini not to show the pics to Mr. Bajaj or Prerna. She tells Mohini that she only wanted to trap Veena and not kill Bajaj. Anupam overhears their conversation and finds out that Veena is innocent. Anurag calls Anupam to know if Prerna and her family is OK. Anupam does not tell him about Veena’s arrest. However, Anurag soon finds out from him that Mr. Bajaj‚Äôs Maasi has falsely framed Veena for trying to kill Bajaj. Anurag gets much upset. He decides to come home and be there for Prerna.

Prerna gets to hear taunts from Shivani and Suman. She then meets Vyas and asks him why did he hire Veena for the party at Basu house. She blames him for insulting Veena on Baja’s orders. Vyas reveals her that Bajaj only tried to help her mom to take care of her financial problems. He tells her that Mr. Bajaj is a very nice person and did not want to tell anyone about this favour. Prerna feels bad about misunderstanding Mr. Bajaj. She goes to see him at the hospital and apologizes to him misunderstanding him. Her perception about Mr. Bajaj begins to change.

Maasi tells Tanvi that Mohini has evidences against her. Tanvi gets scared but Maasi is confident to handle Mohini. Maasi thinks to withdraw the police complaint against Veena. However, Mohini plans to take revenge with Prerna for breaking Anurag’s heart. She wants to let Veena suffer in jail so that Prerna is cries in pain.

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