Kasauti Zindagi Ki 24 June 2019 Update: Prerna confronts Mohini for getting Veena arrested

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 24th June 2019 Written Update, Kasautii Zindagii Kay upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kasauti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus. It is known that Mohini wants to break Anurag (Parth Samthaan) and Prerna’s (Erica Fernandes) marriage at any cost. Mohini calls the police while Nivedita tries to stop her but fails. Nivi rushes to inform Prerna and tells her about Mohini’s ancestral necklace gone missing and Veena being blamed for it.

Prerna’s sister in law Suman creates drama and tells Prerna that Basu family is not right for them as they could blame them for anything in future and put them in trouble. Prerna tells Suman to clam down as the theft could have happened really. Nivi tells Prerna to look for the necklace if it may have come to them along with the gifts. Prerna informs Anurag and he asks her to send the photo of the necklace if they have with them. She tells him that she does not know if jewellery is with them in a gift box. Nivi tells Mohini that they should have first spoken to Veena before calling the cops. Mohini says she had to do it for insurance claim of stolen jewellery.

Anurag gets tensed about being surrounded with many problems. Prerna tells him that his mother can never steal anything. Mohini blames Veena for stealing her ancestral necklace and tells Prerna that this time she won’t be able to save her mum. Anurag is stuck between his mother and Prerna’s family. The jewellery gets found at Prerna’s place. She realizes that Mohini has changes the necklace in the gift box in order to trap her. Veena tells Prerna that Mohini has played this dirty move against her. Prerna trusts her mother and gets upset with Mohini. Anurag’s office manager comes to meet him and inform about Mr. Bajaj’s next move. Anurag tells him to talk about work in the office. The manager informs Nivedita about the big crisis in Basu publications. Nivi gets tensed that that Anurag is unable to handle the their business crisis. Anurag finds out about police going to Sharma house for arresting Veena. Prerna tries to stop Veena from getting arrested but fails. She cries as her mother is taken by the cops. Preran requests the inspector but he says that he can’t leave Veena unless Mohini takes her complaint back. Prerna calls Mohini to take the complaint back, but Mohini ignores her call. Veena knows that Mohini will never lets Prerna be in peace. She tells Prerna not to marry Anurag as she gets worried about Prerna. Prerna is shocked. She decides to confront Mohini.

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