Kasauti Zindagi Ki upcoming twists: Waiter blackmails Komolika, gets caught

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Kasauti Zindagi Ki (Balaji Telefilms). Everyone thinks Anurag is wrong for supporting Prerna and her cheap act. Mohini is unable to understand why is her son doing a wrong thing by supporting Prerna. Komolika instigates Mohini to throw Prerna out of the house. Prerna tells Anurag to trust her and know that Komolika has trapped her. Anurag tells her that he trusts her and will prove her innocence.

Everyone thinks Vikrant is the culprit and Sahil too blames him for ruining his engagement party. Anurag tells everyone that he will use logic and prove that Prerna is not characterless and is being framed. Meanwhile, the waiter who had helped Komolika to frame Prerna demands more money from Komolika and she is forced to agree to give him more money.

Sahil’s parents give a chance to Anurag and think that Prerna could really be innocent. Komolika tells Anurag to spet back as this could impact Tapur’s marriage. Anuraga does not want Tapur’s life to get affected because of wrong thing as well as save Prerna’s character from being tarnished. He tells Komoilka that Prerna is his wife.

Further, Anurag catches the waiter who gave Prerna and Vikrant spiked drinks and demands him to tell the truth. The waiter tries to get away. Anurag beats him up and asks him to tell the name of the culprit. The waiter gets scared of getting arrested by the cops and is ready to reveal the truth. Komolika warns him not to reveal her name.

What will happen next? Will Komolika get exposed? or will she manage to save herself? We will have to wait and watch!

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