Kasauti Zindagi Ki update: Prerna to ruin Anurag’s business with Vikrant’s help

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Star Plus popular serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki. Prerna’s mother is worried about Prerna (Erica Fenandes) and letting her go back in Basu house as she thinks that Basu family does not deserve her. She wants to know who has helped Prerna get out of jail.

Prerna calls her mum and tells her she will soon tell her why Vikrant has saved her from the court case. Prerna asks about Shivani. Veena lies to her as she does not want Prerna to have many troubles in her life.

Further Prerna confronts Anurag (Parth Samthaan) for her selling her love for money and power. Anurag tells her that she should not have come back. He thinks it is good that Komolika (Hina Khan) has created misunderstanding about him in Prerna’s mind. He tells her how his business is doing so well with Komolika’s help. Prerna challenges to ruin his business and his happiness. She gets hurt as she moves. She gets a sprain in her foot. Anurag helps her and takes her to the room. She thinks his concern is only a drama. They have a moment. Komolika see them together and gets furious. She questions Prerna. Komlika gets much upset as Prerna laughs and says that she and Anurag are husband and wife. Komolika gets much upset with Anurag. He pretends to be angry on Prerna. He asks her that why did she tells Prerna about their deal as he had already told Prerna that he loves her (Komolika). He tells her how Prerna has challenged him to destroy his business.

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