Krishna Chali London Gossips: Krishna gets Radhe arrested

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Here’s what will happen in the future episodes of Krishna Chali London serial on Star Plus.

It would be seen that Krishna and Radhe have a big confrontation. Krishna gets upset that Radhe has lied and cheated her about the result. She is unable to believe that Radhe kidnapped Prashant and tried to kill him. She wants to tell Radhe that love doesn’t make a person commit crime.

Krishna thinks that the innocence which she liked in Radhe has ended. She feels sorry hearing Radhe’s harsh words that he can kill Prashant for the sake of her love. She decides to get Radhe punished for his crimes.

Radhe gets arrested. Prashant asks the inspector to beat up Radhe. Shukla and family stay worried for Radhe’s jail period. Krishna worries for Radhe, since she loves him. She feels Radhe’s pain. Shukla’s wife turns into Krishna’s enemy. She wants her son out of the jail some way. She begs Krishna to withdraw the complaint and free Radhe.

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