Krishna Chali London Gossips: Radhe and Krishna divorce, Sindoor moment ahead

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Krishna Chali London. Krishna signs the divorce papers with a heavy heart. Dubey sends the papers back to Radhe.

Radhe thinks he has lost Krishna forever. He has taken this step just to support Krishna’s London dreams and doesn’t want to become a hurdle for her. He remembers Krishna’s word that she had told him  relation is a cage for her. He thinks he has done the right thing to release Krishna from the cage of their relationship.

Krishna and Radhe get separated from each other and live in pain. Radhe’s mum Lali is unable see Radhe in so much pain. She worries that Radhe can end up hurting himself. She calls up Krishna, when Krishna proceeds for achieving her London dreams. Lali requests Krishna to meet Radhe once. Krishna agrees and comes to meet Radhe. Radhe and Krishna share a Sindoor moment unknowingly.

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