Krishna Chali London Update: Veer agrees to join Radhe Krishna hospital

Star Plus Krishna Chali London latest news and upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Krishna Chali London. It would be seen that Shukla gets shattered after Radhe’s (Gaurav Sareen) death. He tells Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) to meet Veer (Karan Vohra) and convince him to join Radhe Krishna hospital, where he has invested 20 crores. He knows that Veer has enmity with them. but he believes that only Krishna can convince Veer. Krishna tries to convince Veer by stating her house’s bad financial state but Veer does not want to help Shukla.

Veer is unaware about Radhe’s death and tells Krishna that Shukla is paying for his sins right now. Later, Krishna meets Dr Batra, who is Veer’s enemy. DR Batra agrees to help Krishna but asks her to give written statement against Veer. Krishna refuses to help Batra as she thinks that she has done much injustice with Veer already. She decides to support Veer. Further, Veer finds about Radhe’s death, and realizes his mistake. He agrees to join Radhe Krishna hospital because of his guilt.

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