Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11 January 2019 Written Update

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th January 2019 Written Episode

Today’s (11.01.2019) Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode starts with Lovely tells Sikandar that she will want Amyra’s full custody. Lovely takes him in another room to talk. Amyra is sad to see her parents talking about divorce and gets gets angry on Tony. She calls Tony and Cutie as that worst grandfather and grandmother.

Gunjan calls Lovely shameless. Bebe tells her that Lovely and Sikandar should sort their differences and unite for the sake of Amyra. Sikandar tells Lovely that he is upset with her, as she has asked for Amyra’s custody and also the divorce. She tells him that Tony is the one who has told this. He asks her why is she making Amyra away from him.

He doesn’t want her to say anything bitter to him. He asks her not to break the relation this way. She wants the same, that he doesn’t react in anger. Kulfi wishes that Lovely and Sikandar sort their differences. She meets Amyra, when the latter avoids her. Amyra is upset that Kulfi has told all the secrets to everyone and ruined their plan. Kulfi tells her that she didn’t reveal anything, it was a trap. Mohendar finds the camera hidden in Kulfi’s room. He suspects Gunjan. Kulfi tells Amyra that she was already worried for her. She asks Amyra not to be stubborn, she wants to rectify the mistake. She asks Amyra to help her in sorting the issues. Amyra tells her that its all over. Kulfi tells them that they will never let their parents get separated. She makes a suggestion to Amyra.

Mohendar asks Gunjan is she assisting Tony against Sikandar’s happiness. Sikandar asks Lovely not to make Amyra away. Lovely tells him that Amyra can’t go away from her. She gets insecure that Kulfi will snatch Amyra from her.

He tells her that Amyra loves her a lot. Kulfi tells Amyra that they should be true to elders and then keep their points. Lovely tells Sikandar that she didn’t get his love and family even after giving seven years of life to him. She tells him that she can’t give Amyra to him. He tells her that Amyra can’t choose either of them. Lovely tells him that she isn’t not talking of Kulfi and asks him if he had given equal importance to Amyra. She tells him how much Amyra means to her. She asks him to divorce her and leave rights on Amyra. She tells him that she will teach Amyra to live without him. Sikandar tells Lovely that Amyra is not helpless as he is still there for her. He doesn’t want to break Amyra’s trust.

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