Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 January 2019 Written Update

Star Plus Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th January 2019 Written Episode

Today’s (15.01.2019) Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th January 2019 episode starts with Sikandar tells Lovely that they should live their lives as per their wish. Mohendar confronts Gunjan for betraying her family by joining hands with Tony. Gunjan tells him that she has done this for Sikandar and Kulfi’s happiness.

Sikandar and Lovely meet the counsellor and tell him them that they want to give a chance to their relationship for Amyra’s sake. The counsellor tells them that they will be facing a bad time if they get tied up in the relation against their wish. Amyra and Kulfi get happy. The counsellor asks Sikandar and Lovely not to have a fight that would ruin Amyra’s happiness. He tells them to fall in love and complete each other, to find their real happiness. He tells them that he will cancel their divorce. At the same time, Gunjan intensifies the suspense by calling up Nimrat. She calls Nimrat home and fixes her meeting with Sikandar. She asks her to meet him and end the long wait.

Sikandar tells Lovely that he couldn’t love her before, but he will love her now, he will attempt it. She tells him that she has loved him since ever. She tells Sikandar that Tevar came back to her to take her along, but she didn’t run away with him, but she has stayed back with Sikandar. She tells him that she has chosen him since she has always loved him. She tells him to understand her feelings. Lovely tells Sikandar that she loves him, but she doesn’t trust him. She tells him that she knows his loyalty. He asks her when did he hurt her. She tells him that he has let her go and chose Kulfi. She asks him to choose either her or Kulfi. She wants to trust him and takes his test. She wants him to make her his life’s priority. She tells him that she can’t share his love with anyone. He doesn’t want to choose any one thing. He asks her not to put him in a fix. Amyra and Kulfi start fighting on seeing their parents return. Sikandar realizes their drama and applauds.

Sikandar and Lovely telltheir decision that they are not getting divorced. Amyra gets very happy and thanks them. Kulfi gets away from their happy family. Sikandar wants to hug Kulfi. He gets tensed with Lovely’s conditions. Lovely reminds Sikandar that they both have to put equal efforts in saving their marriage.

Sikandar gets upset that he is getting away from Kulfi. Kulfi tells him that she is ready to go away in order to get Lovely home. Kulfi meets a young girl, who is good at music. She likes the girl, named Nimrat. Nimrat and Kulfi connect well. Nimrat makes an entry in Sikandar’s life and confesses love to him. She is Sikandar’s die-hard fan. Gunjan gets Nimrat home to create a problems between Lovely and Sikandar.

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