Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Gossips: Sikandar misses opportunity to find Kulfi’s truth

Star Plus Kulfi Kumar Bajewala latest news, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala upcoming twists

Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala serial on Star Plus.

It would be seen that Sikandar gets into a serious discussion with Lovely and Mohendar. Kulfi comes to him and gives him Nimrat’s diary, which actually belongs to Sikandar. He asks Kulfi the reason for her upset face. Kulfi shows him the diary. She asks him to read the diary and tell her what’s written in it about her dad, maybe she can get a clue and find her father. Sikandar tells her that he will help her. He misses to see the front page of the diary. Sikandar doesn’t see the big clue around Kulfi’s identity. Kulfi has saved Bebe’s life and helped the family. She gains her place in the family. She solves Sikandar’s big problem by saving Bebe’s life.

Later, Amyra sings a rap. Sikandar comes to Amyra and shuts the door. He gets surprised hearing her rap and asks her what is she up to. Sikandar and Kulfi laugh on the crazy rap. Amyra stops singing and asks Sikandar didn’t he like it. Kulfi asks do you know such song. Sikandar says I don’t like rapping. Kulfi says even I don’t like it.

Amyra tells them that rapping is fun, she really likes it, its in trend, her friends like it a lot too. Amyra tries to handle her insecurities. Sikandar understands Amyra. He also feels insecure knowing about the new singer, who snatched two music contracts from him. He was ruling the music world since few years. He wants to tackle the problems and get back into the music industry with a bang. He wants to work hard and launch his new album, along with Kulfi. He is glad that Lovely and family is supporting him in re-establishing his career. He is happy that Kulfi and Amyra got friendly. Amyra plans to make Kulfi out of the house. He isn’t aware of Amyra’s planning.

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