Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Gunjan reveals to Sikander that Gunjam was responsible for her paralysis

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In the ongoing track of Star Plus popular serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, we have seen that Sikander is shattered after finding out that Nimrat is dead because of Lovely.

Sikandar feels his life is ruined and misses Nimrat. He is angry on Lovely for always hurting his heart.  At the same time, Kulfi thinks to give some time to Sikandar before revealing to him that she is his daughter. She wants to tell Sikandar the big truth. She wants to tell him that she is Nimrat’s daughter. 

Later, Sikander tells feels cheated that Lovely has always been unjust towards him and his dear ones. Mahendar tells  Sikandar to forgive Lovely, since she maybe telling the truth. He tells Sikandar to accept Lovely’s statement that the accident happened by mistake and she didn’t know about the victim of the accident was Nimrat.

However, Sikander is unable to trust Lovely anymore. Gunjan agrees with Sikandar and reveals to him that it was Lovely who pushed her away and hit her only to stop her from telling him the truth. Sikandar gets a bigger shock knowing Lovely has hit Gunjan and is responsible for Gunjan’s ill condition. He apologizes to Gunjan for being ignorant and asks her about the truth which she wanted to tell him. Mohendar and Bebe stop Gunjan from telling the truth to Sikander. Will Sikandar find out that Kulfi is his daughter? We will have to wait and watch!

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