Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Spoilers: This is how Kulfi gets her voice back

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala latest news and upcoming twists

Fans of Star Plus popular serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will have to gear up for some high voltage drama in the coming episodes.

It would be seen that Kulfi gets electrocuted and loses her voice. Mia plans this electrocution as she wants Sikander to admit that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikander sees Kulfi getting electrocuted and rushes to her to save her. He tries to revive his daughter from the electric shock by telling her the truth for which she is longing, that she is his own daughter. He admits that she is Nimrat and his daughter. Kulfi survives the shock but loses her voice. The doctor informs Sikander that since Kulfi is in fear, she is unable to talk. She would recover with time.

Sikander makes a plan to help Kulfi get her voice back. He organizes a Sufi round in the competition and asks Kulfi and her friends to sing along with him. Sikander plans to risk his life for Kulfi’s sake so that Kulfi reacts and shouts. Siknader and Kulfi’s friend. Kulfi sees a chandelier falling over Sikander. She shouts to Sikandar in order to save him. Sikander’s plan works as Kulfi gets her voice back. He tells Kulfi to sing along with him.

What will happen next? How will Sikander convince Anyra to accept Kulfi back in their lives? We will have to wait and watch!

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