Kumkum Bhagya upcoming twists: Rishi gets blamed for Priyanka’s suicide

Kumkum Bhagya latest news: Priyanka’s suicide drama next

In the recent episodes of Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV) we have seen high voltage drama during the Diwali party as Rhea (Naina Singh) tries to defame Prachi (Mugdha Chaphekar) character in front of everyone.

Rhea and Sanju create circumstances such that Prachi and Sanju are seen in a compromising situation. Aaliya insults Prachi and questions her character and upbringing. However, Rishi (Krishna Kaul) who has started falling for Prachi takes a stand for her as he is sure that she is a good girl with good values. Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) also shows his confidence in Prachi and tries to find out the culprit.

Now, in the coming episodes, viewers will get to Priyanka’s suicide drama. It is known that Priyanka has wrongly accused Rishi for trying to molest her in the past. She wants to force Rishi to marry her. Abhi supports Priyanka and wants Rishi to be punished while Pragya stands in support of Rishi as she is knows that Priyanka has framed him but is unable to prove his innocence. Soon, Priyanka will commit suicide and bring more troubles for Rishi. The entire family will be at the police station for further inquiries. Looks like Abhi and Pragya will once again be on the opposite sides.

Lots of more interesting twists and turns in store for the viewers ahead!

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