Kundali Bhagya 03 October 2017 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya Written Update 03rd October 2017, Kundali Bhagya 03 October 2017 Written Update

Today’s (03.10.2017) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with Karan says i am upset with you Bua as you scolded me in front of everyone, how could i tell you all the truth about Preeta’s blame game, but I could not tell in front of everyone as Rishabh was there too, and we all know that Rishabh and Preeta are such good friends. He tries to make Sherlin feel that he has no doubt on her but thinks that Preeta is culprit. Karan says good, now Sherlin has no doubts that he knowns her trith and will do some mistake and he can expose her.

Srishti tells Preeta how come she never told about her and karan’s love, she heard her saying i love you, but she hasn’t heard Karan saying her i love you, she tells her tell me entire story, Dadi also joins and takes Preeta’s case along with Srishti. Doorbell rings, Srishti says, i think Karan has come to tell i love you to Preeta, let me go and open the door, Preeta says please don’t do anything, Dadi teases her saying, you should have thought about it before saying i love you. Preeta warns Srishti not to say anything to Karan as she and Karan were talking something serious, Srihsti says out loud to person on door before opening, Preeta alos loves you, she was waiting for you, They are shocked to see Rishabh, Preeta says YOU, Rishabh says why did you expect anything else. Preeta asks him to sit down.

Karan wonders what is Srishti’s game plan, he sees her coming downstairs and follows her, but her father stops him, his father asks him about Rishabh, and also asks if he is upset with Rishabh for not helping preeta and her mom, Sherlin goes away and Karan wishes if his father had not stopped him.

He sees her talking to someone on the phone but cannot hear anything. He tries to get closer while hiding behind a cupboard, Sherlin tells someone that she has to stay at the house and cannot meet him, she says if i meet you, people will doubt me even more, she says OK i will come, Karan’s phone rings and Sherlin wonders who is in the room. Karan manages to leave the room. Sherlin goes to check in other room and says to herself that no one can overhear her as all trust her, she thinks how to leave from the house to meet her ex.

Karans ays i should have truested Preeta, she was right about you, i just want one proof against you, then i will expose him. He calls Sameer and says i want your help.

Dadi tells Rishabh, you sit i will bring tea for you, Rishabh says sorry Preeta that i could not support you when you needed me the most, Preeta says in true friendship no sorry and no thank you, She says i should says sorry to you as i was rude to you that day, she says please keep in mind, i will never think wrong about you, they keep saying sorry to each other and Dadi n Srishti hear them talk, They keep praising each other and dadi and Srsihti wonder if Preeta really said i love you to Karan, but is seems to be some other scene here.

Rishabh says i heard Srishti saying that you love someone, i want to know who is the lucky guy you love, Sarla comes there and says Karan, Srishti says how come mother knows about Karan??? Rishabh also wonders is Karan the guy Preeta love, sarla says it is Karan’s call for Preeta, Preeta goes to talk to him, Rishabh thinks who is the guy Preeta loves?

Sameer tries to stop Sherlin from going out with silly questions, Sherlin says i have to go for imp work, he says Rishabh has told to ask you some questions, he keep asking more funny questions, Sherlin is upset as Sameer keeps questioning her and talking to her.

Karan tells Preeta over phone hey its me, Preeta says i don’t know if your timing is good or bad, Karan says you have a bad joke, preeta says i was in a bad situation and your call saved me, Karan tells her to give details, preeta says no point to give him details, she makes an excuses, He says that i have made such a story that Sherlin will have no doubts about our plan, suspects that Sherlin is going to meet the man she loves, he says Baby doll, now i think we can expose her, preeta says don’t call me baby doll, she thanks him, Preeta says good but why are you talking to me now, go and follow her nah, he says ya ya you are thinking that i like to talk to you like couples do, she says stop asting time and come into action, Karan says please keep your phone next to you, he says Sameer is right now following her.


Srishti is about to tell Rishabh the name of guy she loves, Preeta goes to Rishabh and covers his ears,Rishabh looks ate her with love.

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