Kundali Bhagya 05 December 2019 update: Shristi to meet Mahira

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Shristi tres to stop Karan and Mahira engagement

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Preeta calls Prithvi to stop him from marrying her but he does not receive her calls. Later, Preeta get to know of Karan and Mahira’s engagement happening today and gets sad. Janki sees her in pain and hopes Karan and Preeta get united.

Shrishti decides to meet Karan and stop him from marrying Mahira. She wants to tell him that Preeta never wanted to marry Prithvi. She goes to Luthra house. She sees Kareena Bua and hides from her. She meets Sameer and asks his help to stop the engagement. Sameer says no as he does not want to upset Kareena. She asks him to help her to hide the engagement ring and asks him to give it to him. They have a moment as she tries to find the ring from him. Samaira’s mom sees them and thinks that they are romancing. Sameer asks Shrishti to go before it becomes a big problem for her. Sameer tells her that Ramona is Mahira’s mother.

Shristi thinks of meeting Mahira and make her back out of the engagement. Karan wants to tell Preeta that he is happy to move on with Mahira. Preeta is much hurt but control her feelings. She feels bad that she had accepted Karan with all her heart and gave him the right to hurt her. Karan sends her his happy picture to hurt Preeta. Preeta cries seeing his picture as she thinks that he is doing much wrong not to consider her love. They get into an argument over the phone. Preeta tells him that she will block his number. She disconnects. He thinks she has already blocked her number. He tries to connect with her but fails. He tells her that he will delete her number from his phone after his engagement with Mahira.

Mahira is getting ready for engagement and gets upset with the beauticians. Shrishti tries to meet her. Preeta happens to delete Karan’s message and feels restless. She does not want to go after him but is much pain.

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