Kundali Bhagya 15 March 2018 Written Update, Written Episode

Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya 15 March 2018 Written Episode, Kundali Bhagya Written Update

Today’s (15.03.2018) Kundali Bhagya episode starts with rakhi tells Rishab to come home soon as she is tensed, she tells him Karan is with Preeta looking for Prithvi.

Kareena tells Rakhi not to worry so much about Aroras, Prithvi is no kid, Rakhi says Prithvi is their would be son in law, and he got hurt because of karan, Kareena says don’t worry so much for Aroras, they have ruined our happy time, she says remember we are you real family, not Aroras, sarla hears this. rakhi tells sorry to Sarla on behalf of Kareena, sarla says i don’t understand why Kareena hates me and daughters, she says but i get happy when i see you and everyone else loves us mo much, she says in family this things happen. Rakhi hugs sarla.

Preeta and Karan try to push the car, but cannot, Karan says let me try to take a lift, she says good idea, he says don’t do so much praises for me, she teases him saying i have no words for your praises, he says i have seen two trucks going form here, while preeta is not sure about getting lift, karan says i am the karan Luthra, i will get lift easily, she says let me see.

A car stops but then leaves, preeta laughs. Preeta says what about you charm Karan Luthra, you magic may not always work, you need more charm, don’t cry haan now….Karan is upset while she laughs at him.

Mahesh calls Sherlin and says Prithvi has still not come, he says good he is not here, else we would have to serve others as our team lost, sherlin curses him for not thinking about her Punnu. Rishab comes and asks if preeta and karan are back, kareena says call karan and see where is he, Rishab says his phione is not reachable, Rishab calls preeta, they realize that preeta has left her phone at home only. Rishab calls prithvi, he too, doesnot take the phone, rakhi is tensed, mahesh says, don’t worry, lets eat something, we are all hungry, sarla says let me help you Rakhi ji. Kareena is not happy with their bonding.

Preeta says left me hide while you can hide somewhere, Karans says will you ska in filmy istyle, lifting your skirt, but you cannot as you are wearing salwar kameez, she says you have such small thoughts, they argue further…He says whatever, you will not ask for lift, she says let me try and asks him to hide, she says when i get into a car, you hide and come from behind. She tries to stop a tempo, but he does not, karan laughs at her, but she sees the tempo guys has stopped, preeta thanks the tempo driver and says can i sit in the tempo.

Srishti and Rakhi are cooking and Srishti is helping them. Kritika is also with them, rakhi says its good to go on picnic and spend time together.

Sameer comes in the kitchen, sameer and Srishti look at each other with love, kritika notices it. rakhi interrupts and tells Sameer to get some stuff from drawer, he leaves the kicthen. Kritika bumps into srishti and says did i disturb you, she says will you tell me or should i assume what is going on between you and Sameer, Srsiti makes an excuse and leaves, Kritika says i will have to make Sameer confess, whats going on.

Sherlin calls prithvi and tells him and asks if Karan and Preeta have come, he says no, and i am in pain with this injury she says they came looking for you, they wonder where they could have gone. he gets irked, he says i don’t care, where they are now, he shouts and says i just want to hear Karan saying sorry to me, sherlin says don’t yell at me, let me find out.

Preeta is in the tempo, the driver looks at her with wrong intentions, she feels awkward.

The tempo guy asks Preeta what was she doing alone on the road, she says i am looking for mechanic, he asks are you single, i am also single, preeta tells him not to talk as she is having head ache, Karan says now, you will know what happens to when you take lift from such perverts, the driver plays kaante nahin kate yeh din yeh raat song, preeta is shocked, the guy stops the tempo and says his vehicle has gone bad, he says lets go and stay in their lodge and relax together. preeta is shocked as he tells her to come with her, she looks for Karan as she is not at the back of tempo, the driver forces her to come with her, Karan comes with a knife and acts like a crazy person, the driver gets scared, he begs to let her go, karan says this girl is going to get married to me, but why did you take her from me, i will kill you know, the guy gets scared and runs away, preeta smiles, he scares her with his crazy act, she screams, he says no thank you to me, she says what thank you, i am not scared of such people, he says oh hello, what if i would not have come in time, she says there is no need to say thank you, i would nhave taken care of that idiot, he says i should praise you acting of being a mad person so naturally.


Preeta and Karan are sleeping on a hay stack, Karan gets close to her and sleeps in her arms, she wakes up and is surprised.


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