Kundali Bhagya 16 December 2019 update: Preeta, Shrishti get arrested

Kundali Bhagya latest news: Preet’s bitter answers upsets Karan

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV. Preeta is questioned about coming to Luthra house. She takes the blame on her to save Shristi. Karan wants her to answer about her reason to come on his engagement day. Her bitter reply hurts him. She tells him that she wanted to snatch his happiness just like he did to her. She does not care if he marries anyone. Preeta’s silly anger further breaks Karan’s heart. Kareena further insults Preeta and Srishti and decides to get them arrested.

Rupali calls sarla to inform her about the drama in Luthra house. Janki takes the call and decides to hide the matter from Sarla. Janki tells Rupali that Karan is Preeta’s husband. Sarala questions Janki as she senses something wrong but Janki makes excuses.

Preeta takes all the insult from Luthra family for her sister’s sake. Mahira tells Preeta that she is jealous about her and Karan’s alliance. Karan asks Preeta if she has any feelings for him. Preeta thinks that Karan does not deserve any love and denies to love him. She says that she is not jealous of anyone and he can marry anyone he wants as his wife will always suffer because of him. Rishabh feels bad seeing their argument. Karan thinks that Preeta has really come to take revenge. The cops arrive. Kareena asks them to arrest Preeta and Shrishti for trying to kidnap Mahira. Preeta and Shrishti take blame on each other to save each other. Mahira blames both of them. Karan stops Preeta from getting arrested. He makes her wear the engagement ring just to hurt her with the feeling of losing it. He snatches the ring from her and declares that he will get engaged to Mahira.

Preeta gets much hurt with his move. Preeta and Shristi get arrested and are taken to the police station. Janki gets informed about their arrest. Sarla also find out about the arrest. She gets upset with her daughters foolish move. Sarla tells Preeta she will help them out of jail.

Karan thinks about Preeta as he gets ready for his engagement with Mahira. He steps back and worries Mahira. Kareena tells him that Preeta is gone and won’t hinder the engagement again. Karan is unable to take the big decision about his life.

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