Kundali Bhagya spoilers: Preeta and Karan get married, groom swap drama

Kundali Bhagya latest news and upcoming twists

Fans of Zee TV’s popular show Kundali Bhagya (Balaji Telefilms) are witnessing high voltage drama in the ongoing wedding track of Preeta (Shraddha Arya) and Prithvi. In the latest promo of the show, we see that Preeta refuses to marry Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar). And now as per latest reports, Preeta and Karan will finally get married!

It would be seen that Karan and Prithvi get into a fight where the later tries to suffocate Karan. Prithvi tells Karan that he will kill him and throw his body in the jungle. He will spread the rumour that Karan has committed suicide as he could not see Preeta and him getting married. Karan hits Prithvi with a vase and Prithvi faints down.

Karan still holds Preeta responsible for ruining Rishabh’s life and destroying his family’s happiness. He decides to marry Preeta and seek revenge by ruining her life now. He take Prithvi’s place as the groom. There will be bridegroom swap drama. Karan wears Prithvi’s groom clothes and goes to the wedding altar.

Loyal fans would remember that even Preeta took Monisha’s place as the bride in Karan’s marriage in order to save Karan. Karan also takes a similar step to marry Preeta, however, he wants to ruin Preeta’s life. Rakhi decides to leave the wedding as she cannot see Preeta getting married to Prithvi as she knows that Karan loves Preeta and she always wanted to make Preeta her bahu. But, Preeta insists her to wait and give her blessings. Karan sits in the mandap and marries Preeta.

Karan and Preeta get married

Kundali Bhagya serial pic – image courtesy Zee5 India

Preeta and everyone gets shocked seeing the groom is swapped. Preeta refuses to accept the marriage. Rakhi is happy too with the marriage. She takes Preeta home accepting her as Karan’s wife. At Luthra house, everyone is shocked, Rishabh gets shocked to see Karan’s hatred taking the shape of marriage for revenge. Sherlin gets relieved that Prithvi didn’t marry Preeta and is just of her. However, she cannot stand Preeta in Luthra house, Karan’s hatred for Preeta will bring many twists post their marriage.

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