Kundali Bhagya upcoming twists – Preeta reveals Sherlin’s affair truth to everyone BUT

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In the ongoing track of Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya we have seen that Karan (Dheerah Dhoopar) has been jailed for drug dealing.

Prithvi plants drugs in Karana’s jacket and Karan gets accused for drugs dealing by the cops who raid the college reunion party of Prithvi and Sherlin. Rishab (Manit Joura) too gets jailed after getting into a fight with the media people who were harassing Karan with false accusations.

Sarla manages to convince the inspector and he releases Rishab from the jail. Rishab and entire Luthra family is tensed as Karan is not granted bail. Karan’s father tells Preeta (Shraddha Arya) to tell them about everything that had happened at the party which could help them save Karan.

Preeta is in a fix as Karan and she had decided not to reveal Sherlin’s truth unless they have a solid proof. She keeps silent. Kareena Bua blames her to be a bad omen for both their kids Rishab and Karan. After a lot of pressure, Preeta tells the truth to everyone that Sherlin is having an affair with someone.

Sherlin is shocked that as well as the  entire Luthra family.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta will tell everyone that she and Karan were at the party to find out about Sherlin’s secret lover. Kareena Bua would come in Shelrin’s support and blame Preeta for being jealous and Plotting against Sherlin. After all Sherlin had played her card very well by instigating Kareena against her brother Mahesh, and giving her lot of importance!!. Sherlin would deny going to the party. Srishti would suggest to check CC TV footage of the club and find out the truth.

Wondering if Sherlin will get exposed? Well, itsdoesn’t look like Sherlin or Prithvi would get exposed so soon. Sherlin had already informed Prothvi that Preeta is furious with Karan’s arrest and might expose her. Our guess is Prithvi would surely take care of the CCTV footage and stop Sherlin’s truth from coming out in front of everyone.

Well, it looks Karan’s arrest would also bring some serious moments between Karan and Preeta as they would realize their lone for each other. It would be interesting to see how will Preeta prove karan’s innocence?

Stay tuned to this space for latest updates, spoilers and future story of Kundali Bhagya.

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