Kundali Bhagya Update: Preeta to realize love for Karan during Haldi ceremony

Kundali Bhagya latest news and upcoming twists

The makers of Zee TV’s popular serial Kundali Bhagya are entertaining the viewers with interesting twists and turns in the story line. After, big drama during Rishabh and Sherlin’s wedding, now viewers will have to gear up for some high voltage drama during Prithvi and Preeta’s (Shraddha Arya) wedding.

In the last episode of the show, we have seen that Preeta comes to Luthra house and informs Rakhi and everyone that she will be getting married to Prithvi the next day. She says that there are many misunderstandings between us and there is distances in our hearts, but she still has the same place for all of them in her heart. Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) is shocked to know that Preeta is marrying Prithvi.

Now, in the coming episode we will see that Preeta tells Karan that she considers Mahesh uncle as her father and can do anything for his sake. Karan tells her that she can prove her words by not marrying that wicked Prithvi. Preeta is shocked but is helpless as she has to marry Prithvi for the sake of her mother.

Further, the latest promo of the show reveals that soon viewers will get to see Preeta’s Haldi ceremony. Though she will apply Haldi in Prithvi’s name, but she will think about Karan. She would imagine Karan telling her that she belongs to him only. Preeta realizes her love for Prithvi. At the same time, Prithvi happens to meet Karan as their cars bump into each other. Prithvi starts talking cheap about his suhaag raat with Preeta after his marriage. Karan fumes in anger and slaps Prithvi.

What will happen next? How will Karan stop Preeta from marrying Prithvi? Will Karan marry Preeta? We will have to wait and watch!

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