Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 14th April 2017 Written Episode Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update

Star Plus Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 14.04.02017 Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 14 April 2017 Written Update

Todays’ Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka episode starts with Abeer, Viraj and Evan are worried about the incident last night. Evan calls Suveer to come and meet soon as they have to figure out how to hide what they did last night to avoid any problems. Suveer tells him  he cannot leave the family as they are all together for breakfast and everyone will not let him leave. Suveer gets upset saying how can u have breakfast. We all are tensed here, you have to come here at any cost. Mahi comes to check with Suveer. He says its business matter i will join u at the table. He goes back at the table and tells everyone that he has to leave Mahi asks where. He says i have to meet Evan and other. They ask him to call his friends here. He says they had their breakfast. They say then all your friends should come here. He says we have to do something. Mahi insists to know where Suveer going. Suveer says we were planning surprise party for you in Mumbai but now you know it. She says oh.. i m sorry.. you should go.

Evan curses Suveer of having breakfast nicely and not worrying what can happen to them. he says in the morning also Suveer couldn’t speak anything in front of his father. Abeer shouts at him that you are the reason all of this happened. You are the culprit. Evan says you cannot balme me as you were the one who started it. Remember you said chidiya ud jayegi.. Abeer recollects. Evan says don’t pretend to be innocent. Abeer says icannot remeber anything. Viraj says i remember. She was screaming and trying to fight us. Now u remember, Abeer sees bite marks on his hands and remembers Amala biting him and screaming. Viasj tells Abeer should not sulk like this as he was enjoying everything last night. All of us are to be blamed.

Abeer’s Maasi goes to rape site and tells the police how she found Amala. Amal’s bhabi talsk to the onlookers and tells them to go to their homes. She curses Amala of troubling them and now because of her they will be unable to show their face to the village. She finds a ring on the rape site.

Viarj’s father and mother comes and share goos news. They tell him that he has got admission in a foreign college for further studies. Abeer is happy but recollects what he has done and becomes sad. His parents ask him are you not happy. He says this is happiest day of my life. Viraj’s mother tells Suveer why are they drinking in morning only. Viraj father says they can do it today as they can celebrate Viraj’s dream coming true. He tells Evan and others that this was supposed to be a happy day and time for celebration but now its a bad coincidence. They tell him we can still celebrate.

Viraj gets a call from his Masee. Mandoo tells him that she is not feeling goood. He asks her what happened. She tells him about how she found a girl being raped by someone and being thrown at a garbage site. Shge tells him how can someone do like this. Abeer is in shock and regretful. He falls down on ground as Mandoo feels bad for the girl and shares her sadness with him. Evan, Viraj and Suveer wonder whta happened.

Later, Abeer tells them that Mandoo found the girl and took her to Government Hospital. They ask him if she has already spoken to the police. Viraj is worried. He tells Suveer to do something. He doesnot wnat to be jailed. He doen so much to get the letter for his admission in London College. Suveer is worried and looks on.

episode ends.


Amla’s Bhabi looks at the ring and recollects that it belongs to Evan.

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