Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17 April 2017 Written Episode Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th April 2017 Written Update, Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka 17.04.2017 Written Update

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 17th April 2017 Written Episode starts with Amla’s brother Raghu, asks doctor why was Amala screaming so much. She says amla is in trauma and a person screams like that out of fear. We don’t know how much time she will take to recover but she has to take rest care.

Abeer’s masee asks main doctor lady if Amla forensic reports have come and have they found out how many culprits were there. Doctors says not yet and that may bbe my assumption was wrong, may be amla was not raped at all.. you will have to wait for reports. Abeeer’s Masi leaves. Evan’s Mama who is hiding in room comes out and thanks doctor for changing her statement.

Dev calls his Chacha what is wrong. His chacha says to leave his tour immediatley and come to dharamshala immediately. Dev asks Chach please tell me what is wrong, my brain in not working, is Amla hurt, Chacha tells the truth and tells him to come by bus and not drive his car. Dev is in shock and doesnot talk. He is shattered.

In the Hospital, Evan’s Mama Viren meets Amla’s brother Raghu. He says m sorry to hear about your sister and says i am a lwayer, whatever happened to your sister is wrong, i can understand your pain and you can think me as your well wsiher. He asks raghu if Amla has said anything to you. raghu says no, Amla is omly crying since morning, Vien is happy that Amla didn’t say anybody’s name. He gives Raghu his card and tells him to contact him if nedded, Viren leave.

Dev sister in his car and leaves for Dharamshala. Suveer and all of family members are having dinner. They talk about how the party was wonderful. Mahi says how can party be perfect as Suveer lost his engagement ring in one day. Suveer says i will get another same ring. Mahi says i know to take care of important things. Suveer says not to drag and forget about it. Evan get call from Viren Mama. Mahi asks Suveer why are you behaving strange since morning. Mama informs Evan that th girl hasn’t said anything yet as she is in trauma. Evan is in relief and goes bak to dinner table in good mood. Suveer, Evan and Viraj are shocked. A man says some lady wants to meet you all. Amal’s Bhabi introduces herself as Mandakini, Amla Ki Bhabi. The boys are shocked to see her while family is wondering about the lady. Suveer’s father gets up to talk to Mandakini. She syas its better to talk some things in alone. Nahi says Amla is the same girl who had put mehendi to her and says she is a sweet girl.

Dev goes to the place where Amla was raped. He puts his jacket on Amla and says eveything will be good. i will make things right. Ama was imgining to get Dev’s supprts and says Dev. His brother says that you mother used to put oil in you hair and you would run away, but would still apply hair on you oil, you would cry , then mum used to says, don’t cry girl.. don’t cry…She says nice mother put oil to you.. you hair is beautiful, don’t cry. don’t cry.

Everyone on table wonder where is Malik. Viarj’s father says i will go n see. Mando shows Malik Suveer’s ring. Malik says where did you get the ring. mando says before you starts screaming me to be a thief, let me tell you i found this from the place where your son Suveer raped my sister in law. Viraj father also hears and is shocked. mando says i know this ring belong to you son as in had seen this ring on engagement day. Malik says i know people like you who are gold diggers. She says you think i am worng, lets go to poilce and talk and yes ask you son to so a test. Malik says get out before i will throw you out. mando says yes, throw me out, police is anyways finding culprit. Mado says i will go from here to the police and they will come to your palace to arrest your son. She says if i had to trouble you i would have gone to police directly. She says you are a big rich man, we are poor people and our image is already ruined. She says what if you name also gets ruined because of your son’s act. I suggest get you som married to Amla. Now is you are thinking what will happen to girl whom Suveer was getting married to, well, you will have to also do some adjustments. She says all you have to do is put Amla’s name on wedding card. Malik says shut up and get lost. Viarj’s father says you think you can blackmail us like that. She says you think what happens when Amla opens her mouth. Go and have food with your family, you never know when the police comes.

episode ends.


Malik slaps his son Suveer. Mahi sees this. Abeer’s Maso is crying as he has confessed. She says him to go to police and tells everything to them. Dev goes to hospital to see Amla


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