Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19 May 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Update 19th May 2017, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 17 May 2017 Written Update

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka (Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka) 17 May 2017 episode starts with Mando is shocked knowing Dev is coming there. Pushpa warns them and asks to keep Amla away from him. Mando says we have no relation with him and ends the call. Mando accuses Amla and asks Raghu to tell about his last wish. She says he will kill us and will go to jail. Amla says you said that he will go leave us if I marry, but what is changed. He wanted to kill me before and now also. Mando says if you had not married then your image would have been ruined. She taunts her and accuses her blackening her face. Amla says you lied to me. Mando says you will be relieved if your lover kill us. She then tries to make her understand and says you hate me, but loves your Bhao and Mannu. She asks her to stop Dev and not to tell anything to Abeer.. Amla is in shock and scared. 

Evan picks Daljeet’s call from Suveer’s phone and tells that he is not here. He calls her and asks her not to call Suveer, but his fiancé Mahi and sends her number. Mahi and Suveer are together in the pub. Mahi apologizes to him for doubting on him and tells that there might be some news. Suveer says I wouldn’t have believed if anyone tells anything against you. Mahi laughs. Suveer says everyone was tensed that day. Mahi says your father has respect for no one. Suveer says you respect me naa. She asks him to make his own identity and says this is the reason why your father don’t respect you. Mahi gets a call and picks it. She asks who is this? And tells Suveer that this call is for you. Daljeet. Suveer takes the number and scolds her for calling on this number. Mahi says I heard this name before, with whom you have taken pic with. She asks him to tell her so that she gets prepared. 

Evan thinks sweet little brother, now Mahi will scold you and laughs. He says enough. I have saved you much, but not anymore. Abeer buys tea from a road side shop and gives to Karuna. Karuna asks how are you? Abeer says just…and asks how many days she will stay here. Karuna says she left Dharamshala. Abeer asks what happened there. Karuna tells how her patients ignored her and then insulted her. She says they have decided that you are guilty and announced the punishment. She says I have done so much for them, but they forget everything. Mahi is about to go. Suveer tells her that girls are jealous of them. Daljeet calls him again. Suveer asks him to block this no. and promises that she will not call again. Mahi says ok.

Abeer blames himself for ruining everyone’s lives. Karuna says what had happened was not known to you or others. She asks about the house. Abeer says Hitesh Bhai showed the house. He asks about the news which Negi Bhai got published. She says news was pressed there itself and says if it had became national news then Amla would have got justice. She asks him if he is meeting his friends now also. Abeer nods no. Karuna says it is a big city and people get lost here. She asks what did she do all day. Abeer says I get scared of her eyes, whenever she sees me spits poison. Karuna says what do you think that she will forget everything and become your wife. She says Amla will never forget all this ever and her wounds will not be healed.

Mando blames Karuna for finding Amla there as she thinks Abeer sent her there. Amla is shocked. Abeer says he will be punished all life.

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