Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Story Update – Amla upset with Bhabi after she betrays her into marrying Abeer

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka story till date, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka upcoming twists, Kya Kasur Hai Amla Ka future story

Star Plus serial Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka has managed to gain the attention of the viewers with its story line which is based on a rape victim Amla (essayed Pankhury Awasthy). The show is Indian (Hindi) version of most popular Turkish drama Fatamgul.

Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka story revolves around girl name Amala, who lives in a village in Dharamshala along with with her brother Raghu and Bhabhi (sister in law) Mandakini (Mando) . Amala was engaged with a local travel guide Dev (Anant Joshi) and was hoping to marry him soon. Dev is madly in love with Amla.  

On the night of engagement Suveer, who is son of a richest business man Malik, Amla gets raped by Suveer (Fahmaan Khan) and his cousin Evan (Siddharth Sen), friend Viraj (Vijay Tilani) and Abeer. They are under the influence of drugs and hence rape her. Abeer doesnot rape her but becomes witness to the crime and couldn’t help her as he was not in his senses. Abeer (Rajveer Singh) is not a rich brat and belongs to a middle class family. he is born and brought up with his Masi (aunt). Abeer’s aunt finds out Amla in terrible state after the rape night and takes her to hospital.
Amla’s Bhabhi Mando curses her for putting them in trouble. Later, Mando gets in touch with the Malik family in order to take advantage of the situation. Suveer Malik’s father and his mama Viren strike a deal with Mando by giving her a huge amount to stop Amla from filing a police against for the rape done by the boys. Also, Viren, Malik and Mando manipulate Abeer to tale the entire blame on him and marry Amla. Viren gets to know that Abeer had met Amla before the rape incident and liked her too. Abeer who in guilt of runing Amla’s life forever, agrees to marry Amla as no one in the village would ever marry her and she would be troubled throughout her life. Viren and Malik promise to take take of his future in a new city (Mumbai).
Meanwhile, Amla’s fiance Dev is shattered with the news of Am;a’s rape and his parents force him to forget Amla as she has been spoiled and they cannot accept her as their daughter in law. Dev has gone crazy and wants to find the culprits who have done this. He intends to kill the culprits. Amla is sad that Dev hasn’t checked on her and had instead yelled at her in the hospital asking the name of the culprit. Dev is still unaware that there were four guys present on the night when Amla was raped.
Now, in the upcoming episodes of Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka, it will be seen that Viren will manipulate Amla that Dev will kill her and all the four boys if she takes their names. He says you make him a killer. Amla thinks how can Dev kill her, his love. Viren and Mando manipulate Amla to give a statement that it was Abeer ho had forced himself on her. Viren and Malik would be happy that Suveer, Viraj and Evan are free from any rape charges.
Later, Mando and Viren would make arrangements for Abeer and Amla’s marriage. During the marriage rituals. Abeer’s face would be covered. Amla would be unaware that she is marrying one of the guys who had raped her. She would be once again betrayed to find out she is married to Abeer, one of the boys who raped her, though being still unaware that he didn’t rape her but was a witness to it.
Further, Abeer and Amla’s love-hate story would start, the couple would move to Mumbai city after marriage. Abeer’s Masi would be a huge support for Amla in helping her come out of her trauma and move on with her life. Abeer would try his best to seek forgiveness from Amla. Eventually Amla would decide to work and study and become a strong person.
Things will take interesting turn when Amla would once again face the culprits. Abeer would finally confess to the police about how Suveer, Evan and Viraj raped Amla while he was a witness to it. he will take responsibility for Amla’s sake. Amla and Abeer will once again face a lot of troubles from the Malik in their fight to seek justice for Amla.
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