Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka Written Episode 19 April 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Kya Kusur Hai Amla Ka Written Episode, Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka Written Update 19th April 2017, Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka 19 April 2017 episode starts with Maso tells Abeer says how much more are you going to low down, you can cut the phone.. I will still take you to the police. come with me.. she sees Viren at the door.. Maso asks Viren are you helping this guys in their crimes. I am now taking them to police.. Viren says calm down and think.. let me talk to him…I am going to tell the police everything…. He says he is your son and is in trouble. let me talk to him… she says he deserves to be jailed.. i will not regret. Viren tells Abeer to come with him.. he starts going with him.. Maso is shocked that Abeer is going.. Viren says don’t go to police yet and say anything. what you know is half-truth and uyou will regret. Maso curses Abeer for not respecting her and ruining everything. Abeer leaves with Viren.

Dev is in hospital to see Amla. Ragju says I said nah Dev would come. Dev walks towards Amla. Amla is in pain and crying while looking at him.. He asks her who was the man. He starts shouting at her and tells who was it.. He grabs her tightly and starts throwing things around. Amla is in trauma again and starts screaming. Raghu tries to stop him… Amla cries badly.. doctors take Dev away..

Ward boys throw Dev out of the room, amla is crying out loudly… her brother hugs her and clams her down… Dev’s mother comes out at hospital.. she tells him to forget Amla. His father says you will get a better girl than her.. a man says the police have caught the culprit. Dev says i will kill that guy.. his father says think wisely… police will do their job..Dev goes to poilce station.. his freind says i will go along with him…His mother is worried.. her father says i will look after him..

Viren is in car with Abeer.. He stops the car.. he says if i was late for five mins more,, we would have been ruined.. She says you Maso is very angry woman.. i cannot speak in front of her. He asks her have you said everything to her.. he says no.. he good.. you didn’t say everything.. she wouldn’t hear all as she was angry.. you are a calm person.He asks you don’t ant to go to police right.. he says no.

Maso is talking to someone on phone and says how can Abeer do something like that, he and his friends have to be punished.. Viren says you friends were here in this village .. they ere good.. now in mumbai they have become monsters..Viren says if you were around you friends they would be goo.. but what happened to you you were a good guy.. how could you do such mistake.. if you can do this mistake.. then they are bad guys.. people would think all the four guys are bad,, but they know that ou are not like your other friends.. and your are regretting and thinking how to make thinks right. he says i saw Amla she is in trauma.. i don’t know what will she do.. m feeling bad for her.. her life is ruined…You guys have ruined her life.. what will she do now..n i know you are also thinking the same.. he says yes.. Viren is happy to emotionally trap Abeer..

At Hospital, Mado says i knew Dev would react like that only.. he cannot accept that his love somebody else hs touched.. was he very angry..Ragu changes the topic asking about Mannu. Mando says go bring something for me to eat as i m hungry.. he says i will bring tea and biscuits.. Mando goes to Amla and talk to her.. She says whoever is culprit will get caught but we will be punished.. now dev has done what he had to do.. you are left i will have to handle .. she says people are saying you ar doing drama and she has done everything as per her wish.. She says those men know me.. Mando says don’t do drama.. she ays you come home.. Dev is gone mad..Amla says i m saying truth they were 4 guys.. Mando says don’t say much… do you know which family they belong too.. come lets go home.. Raghu comes.. Mando says we have to go home as Dev is gone mad and might kill her. She tells Raghu to be dumb head and asks him to start helping her to leave

Abeer’s Masi reaches police station. Dev is outside police station wanting to go and see culprit but they stop him.

episode ends.


Viren tells the bouys.. one of you will have to marry the girl.. he asks Abeer if you liked the girl so much.. then you should be the one to marry her…

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