Life OK Mahakumbh latest: Will Rudra fall for Naga’s trap?

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Life OK’s popular show Mahakumbh has managed to grab the attention of its viewers with its unique story line and interesting twists and turn in the show.

It is seen that the  current track focuses on Shivanand’s (Manish Wadhwa) changed behaviour as he is poisoned by the Nagas.

Now, in its upcoming episodes, the show will focus on smart moves and games between the Nagas and the Garudas.

According to a source, it will be seen that Rudra (Gautam Rode) will be sympathetic towards his father.

However, Mai Mui (Seema Biswas) will doubt that it is a trap laid by the Nagas.

At the same time, Leela (Maya Salariya) will be seen joining the Garudas.

Apparently, this will also be a trick played by Daansh (Rahil Azzam) where Leela will take out the poison from Maya (Payal Rajput) and help Meera gain back consciousness and win Garuda’s trust.

Rudra and other Garudas will fall into the trap laid down by Dansh and they will trust Leela, but Mai Mui will be adamant and she will try to reveal the truth to everyone.

Will Rudra find out the truth? Or will he get trapped by the Naga’s?

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