Mahakumbh: Rudra dies and emerges as Garuda head against Nag head Dansh

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Rudra dies and reborn as the most powerful Garuda head

The current track of Life OK’s fantasy based fiction show Mahakumbh shows that the seventh Garuda Bhairvi has replicated it self as Maai Mui (Seema Biswas) since Rudra (Gautam Rode) is emotionally attached to Maai Mui.

Maai Mui will be the spiritual guide for Rudra in the battle between Garudas and Nags to save the Amrit.

In the upcoming track it will be seen that Rudra dies while fighting against Nag head Dansh and will be reborn as Grauda Head possessing all the powers.

Also, a new character Leela will enter the show who belongs to the Nags but will be seen helping Rudra.

Dansh will get to know about Rudra becoming the Garuda Head and will be seen in a hurry to assassinate all Garudas to possess the Amrit.



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