Masterchef India 4: Ashish’s Blue team wins the Leela Service challenge

Amul Masterchef India Kitchen Ke Superstars Season 4 written update/epsiode 05th March 2015 latest news gossips

Star Plus Amul Masterchef India Kitchen Ke Superstars season 4 today’s episode starts with continuation of yesterday’s service challenge between captains Vijay (Red ) and Ashish’s (Blue) team.

Neha is seen managing chaos during prep time in Red team. Chef Ranveer bar tells both the teams to speed up 15 mins before service starts.

Chef Vikas loves the small stuffed kulche made by Minuji tells the contestants to keep their counters clean before service.

Guests arrive and Blue team gets its first order of 4 Achari Tikki (anjeerwale) and Bhakti responsibility of taking orders for blue team while Neha takes order for red team (sarson ke saag ke gulati kababs).

Guests like both starters from the teams but Blue team’s starter gets maximum response.

Later the teams get ready for main course with 10 plates of Paneer Makhani 2015 from Blue team being ordered.

Reed team goes slow with main course orders. One of the guests complain Blue teams Makhani gravy is cold. Vijay personally gets it reheated and serves back to the guest.

One of the guest does not find Red team’s Punjab di khusboo (Paneer Makhani with Upma main course)

Later for the last service of deserts Red Team’s Sweet dish Gulkand Pista Tart gets good orders compared to Blue teams sweet dish cutting chai creme brule.

After service, judges taste the dishes prepared by the team. they liked the starters from both teams they like the thought behind Ashish’s main course but Vijay’s team main course tasted better.

Winner team is declared basis the order given by guests and total billing. Ashish’s Red Team wins the Service Challenge with a billing difference of Rs. 1800 compared to Vijay’s Blue team.

Red team’s sweet dish contributes to their win. Blue team that had all the flavour-e-azam contestants lose the service challenge.

Bhakti from Blue team and Red teams members including Ashish, Neha, Partibha and Meenu are safe.


Tomorrow’s episode Vijay, Karishma and Nikita fight to save themselves from going into Aakhri Daav (elimination challenge)


















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