Masterchef India 4: Pratibha’s Blue Team Wins today’s Food Critics Challenge

Amul Masterchef India Kitchen Ke Superstars season 4, Latest News, Gossips, Written Episode (Update) 12 March 2015

Today’s (12.03.2015) Star Plus Masterchef India 4 starts with Red team and Blue team gearing up for the Food critics challenge.

Judges point out problems with Minu’s (Red team) main course i.e. iddiappam burgers as the burgers are not cooked properly.

Blue team also struggles with its main course i.e. Rajgirah Pilaf as the Rajgira does not cook properly and they decide to start cooking rice in less than half an hour left before time out.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor likes cucumber cones prepared by Vijay for their Jaljira drink.

Judges tell the teams to clean their kitchen platforms as blue team platform is very messy compared to red teams.

With just last 3 minutes before time out Red team is more organised with its serving and Blue team struggles with its preparations.

Post time out, Judges give contestants 20 mins to serve their food. Bhakti is insecure with red team’s presentation.

India’s top 13 Food critics taste both Red team and Blue teams dishes while the contestants were nervous.

Blue team calls its plate (Thali) Bomaby Bangkok as it has elements from Mumbai and Thailand including Sangira drink with grape juice, chat in cornetto style, rice with lemon Grass and Nadru tikki.

Red Team calls its plate (Anna Laxmi) which includes Jaljira dink, a salad Aam mein chupa shaam, Baingan Roulade, a main course utlat pulat Biryani with rice flour, Barfi made with white chocolate flavoured with coconut and roasted almonds.

Judges find Blue team’s Sangria refreshing as well as Red team’s Jaljira with Boondi  but they are impressed with Minu’s (Red) teams Barfi.

Critics like Red teams presentation more than Blue team’s.

After voting by the best 13 food critics, Judges start announcing the votes. First and second vote is given to Red team and they cheer up.

The remaining 11 votes are gone to the Blue team and Pratibha’s Blue Team wins the Food Critics challenge. 

Red team is left shocked with such a difference but Minu is happy that her team helped and supported her a lot.

Minu, Vijay, Ashish and Nikita will now fight each other to save themselves from Aakhri Daav.









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    i dont agree about decision that blue team is the winner as red team was most deserving…..

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