Masterchef India season 4: Pratibha wins Flavour-e-Azam in Amul Taste Of India Challenge

Amul Masterchef India Kitchen Ke Superstars Written Episode 10 March 2105 Written Update 1oth March 2015 Latest News, Gossips, Contestants

Today’s (10.03.2015) Star Plus Amul Masterchef India season 4 episode starts with contestants gearing up with yesterday’s challenge of Amul Tatse Of India Challenge and to win the Flavour-e-Azam title.

Karishma is confident with her Nadru chips, tikki and rice salad.

During the last 15 mins of the challenge it is seen that Pratibha concentrates on plating of her Khandvi Roulade but judges are not happy with presentation.

Ashish’s Kebabs get split while frying  and he looks like in n serious trouble. However, he later shallow fries them on tawa (pan) instead of deep frying them.

Pratibha and Neha are ready with their dishes before time out while rest struggle with plating of their dishes.

Judges first taste Bhakti’s Sarsson Ke Khet Se with Makai Daliya and white sauce made with her ingredients Sarson and Amul Diary Whitener. Judges like her Soch and Surat but tell that the taste could have been much better.

Nikita presents Kokum Puran Ka Scone but her chana dal is still undercooked.

Karishma makes Desi Girl (Nadru Tikki, chips and rice salad) as her dish looks international but its made in Desi style. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor finds her presentation kiddish and like the rice salad but thinks that she did not make full use of her ingredients Amul Cheese and Nadru (lotus Stems).

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor loves the choclate pops using different veggies made by Minu.

Chef Vikas tells that Ashish’s Surti Papdi and Paneer kebab could have been very much better if he would have given more thoughts to it and his orange jelly chutney was not all impressive.

Neha’s Bengal Ki Pehchan (Amul freash cream and mustard) has too many elements and does not impress the judges.

Chef Vikas loves Pratibha’s Khandvi Roulade as it has the right amount of tadka and calls it soul of India.

Chef Sanjeev kapoor likes Vijay babbua ki pizzza (sattu ka pizza) with pure Indian taste to a pizza and likes his thought behind the dish.

Judges call three kitchen stars Vijay, Minu and Pratibha whose dishes they like the most and declare Pratibha as the Flavour-e-Azam.


In the upcoming episode, Masterchef India season 4 contestants once again get divided in Red Team and Blue Team and cook dishes to impress the top Food Critics in India.





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