MasterChef India Season 5 – Here’s why this season is getting us excited

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It’s that time of the year when our food knowledge is going to be tested, excessive saliva production aka drooling is about to commence, and our culinary universe is all set to expand again.

The much awaited cooking reality show Masterchef India Season 5 saw its Grand Premiere yesterday, 01 October 2016. 

In its first episode,Chef Vikas Khanna started off on the theme of this season of Masterchef, #NotJustAHobby. Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Kunal Kapoor and restaurateur and food lover Zorawar Kalra would be judging this season to give us the next Masterchef India.

The first episode started off with a cook off between thirty best home cooks from across the country and overseas, of which top 16 home cooks would battle it out to be the winner of Masterchef India 5.

Here we give you reasons why watching Masterchef India 5 is worth your time!

1. Diversisty – Contestants have always been flying in from the remotest of areas of India to fulfill their MasterChef dream. This time, however, MasterChef India has Indian contestants from San Francisco and other parts of the world.

Another thing that took us by surprise was the varied professions and backgrounds of the contestants–from an 18-year-old student and a 21-year-old lawyer to a commercial pilot and a corporate professional from the US. So much diversity and such varied roots only promise a world of dishes we haven’t come across on the show yet.


2. Chef Zorawar Kalra – The latest addition to the judges’ table is renowned chef Zorawar Kalra, son of THE Jiggs Kalra. Though at first it seemed like he was positioned in the show to be the anti-hero, he eventually warmed up to the screen and let go of his too-hard-to-please illusion.  

3. Raised food aspirations
From rose-baked yogurt to kiwi sondesh to spicy-citrus prawns to tea chicken–the cut for MasterChef India has clearly risen. Such innovative dishes in the first episode only raise our expectations for subsequent episodes.

4. Tiny surprises
MasterChef India has always been high on emotions. REALLY high, in fact. This time around, however, they seem to have changed their approach towards the same set of emotions. For instance, a highly-placed-VP-of-an-MNC contestant receives a surprise apron from his eight-year-old daughter and breaks into tears. Yes, we’re talking about portrayal of the good kind of emotion.

MasterChef India 5 has a refreshing with its new look and feel. It will be interesting to see the journey of the 16 home cooks to win the prestigious title of Masterchef India.

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