Mere Angne Mein 19 September 2015 Written Update, Written Episode

Mere Angne Mein 19th September 2015 Written Update (WU), latest story

Today’s (19.09.2015) Mere Angne Mein episode starts with Shanti scolding Nimmi. Nimmi runs inside home and hugs Kaushalya. She tells what Shanti is saying. Kaushalya scolds her asking her not to show bad manners infront of elders, and asks her not to go against Shanti, she will manage everything.

Rani tries seeing inside Sarla’s room. She sees Sarla talking to her dad’s pic, that she will get 15000rs for this photo frame, she will keep this as a blessing. Rani says Sarla is so greedy to sell her dad’s frame, even I also need money.

Sarla opens the door and sees Rani spying on her. Rani says she was not spying and was just dusting. Sarla scolds her and Rani says she knows this frame is worth 20000rs. Sarla asks Rani to be in kitchen always. Preeti and Nimmi cry worrying that Shanti will get them married to any old man. Nimmi says mum will support us. Preeti says she will not marry anyone and cries. Preeti plays the radio and says she wants to marry someone with such voice. Nimmi says you love RJ Mohit. Preeti says when did I say I want to marry Mohit, I m just saying that voice should be like Mohit. Nimmi teases her and makes her smile.

The pandit says he will get mahurat to call Riya back, but everyone is saying Riya is very sharp, she is bold and changed her groom. Shanti says yes, she is sharp, she has told everyone about her love. Shivam comes and says Dadi, Riya is your bahu, I think its not good to backbite about her like this. Nimmi and Preeti see this and jump happily that Shivam gave good answer to Shanti. Shanti tells Kaushalya that she is worried for Kaushalya, as Shivam is taking his wife’s side from now itself.

Ashok lifts grain bags and gets some body pain. He works a lot in his canteen. Riya comes home. Riya shows what all the gifts she got for her inlaws. Suman and Bua argue. Riya asks them not to fight and shows the sarees she got for him. She gifts everyone and teases Bunty that she did not get any gift. She gets a keychain for Bunty. Bunty likes it.

Bua tells Anupam that she will call Shanti and ask when will Shivam take Riya back, as her first Teej is coming now. She asks Riya will she keep fast for Shivam. Riya smiles. Amit lands in problem by saying big things about himself. His boasting gets costly and he gets tensed. Nimmi and Preeti ask Shivam did he go to Riya’s house. He says yes. Nimmi asks did Riya say I love you, did you meet her now. He says no. Preeti says but your face flow is saying yes. Nimmi says but there is no smile, and talking sad also. He says Riya did 1200rs and I had just 800rs, it means I did not have money to make my wife do shopping.

Nimmi asks how did he get money. Shivam says Riya is your bhabhi. Nimmi says we are your sisters. He leaves being upset. Preeti says Nimmi you made him upset. Shanti gives 11rs to pandit. He asks for more money and she gives him 10rs. She backbites about Kaushalya. Kaushalya brings tea for pandit and gives him.

Riya shows the saree she chose and other one gifted by Shivam. Bunty likes it. Riya says she will wear this bangle set and accessories with this saree. Riya tells Bunty that Shivam got upset today, I got useless gift for him, he does not have phone, I should have got phone for him. Bunty says he had phone, which you are using now. Shanti scolds Kaushalya for getting tea for pandit, and asks her not to give anything to guests.

Shanti says its Teej tomorrow and auspicious time to bring Riya home. Kaushalya says I forgot, I will explain Riya. Shanti says no need, Lali will teach her everything. She asks her to send Shivam in morning. Kaushalya says I will inform Anupam. Shanti says when Shivam surprises Riya, she will get smile on her face. She asks her to come, pandit ji has said something, come. The pandit tells Kaushalya that Raghav’s stars are not fine and asks Kaushalya to be away from him. Shanti asks Kaushalya to be away and not talk to him. Kaushalya says she did not hear such yog in 24 years. Shanti says what can I say now. Kaushalya says how can I be without him.

Kaushalya says Shastra has solution for everything. The pandit says yes, but.. Shanti sees a saree kept there and says Kaushalya does not want Raghav’s life, but a solution. Shanti sees whether Kaushalya is following her, and stands on the bed. She asks her to help and bring stair. Kaushalya asks what is she doing. Shanti does drama to commit suicide again. Kaushalya tries to stop her. Shanti acts too much and Kaushalya starts crying.

Shivam is on terrace. Nimmi comes to him and gives a Cadbury. She says Sarla is so bad and dramatic, even then Papa loves her. He says fine, I will become like dad, but you have to become like Sarla Bua. Nimmi says fine, and acts like Sarla. The pandit comes and asks what is she doing. Shanti says I m dying, as my bahu did not leave any way for me, you are witness. He says no, I m not witness, I can’t see anything, and runs out. Shanti cries and asks Kaushalya to be away from Raghav, else she will die.

Shanti thinks she can really die while acting and worries. Kaushalya swears on her kids and says she will not talk to Raghav. Shanti comes down and says she is good natured, and agrees when anyone convinces her with love. Shivam and Nimmi laugh and talk. He eats the Cadbury and she asks him to give surprise to Riya and switch off his phone. He says I know you want your phone. She says she does not need any phone.

Kaushalya sits massaging Shanti’s feet. Raghav calls Shanti and says he can’t come for 2 days due to much work. Shanti asks him to take care. Shanti gets glad and thinks she will show Kaushalya her place in this house.

Kaushalya cries and talks to Raghav’s pic. She says how will she stay without talking to Raghav, she knows he is annoyed with her till now.

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