Mere Angne Mein 21 September 2015 Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Mere Angne Mein 21 September 2015 Written Episode Update (Wu)

Today’s (21.09.2015)  episode starts with Shanti ordering Kaushalya that she should not speak with Raghav. Riya is thinking which saree to wear and whether to call up Shivam or not. Bunty teases Riya and tells her to surprise him.

When Rani sees Sarla sleeping soundly she enters her room and goes to take the photo frame but Sarla catches her and tells that she knew this would happen. Rani tries to save herself by telling that she just came for cleaning the frame.Sarla tells her that they have a thief in the house and scolds her.

Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to come home. Sarla asks her to come at the icecream shop and ends call. Sarla is worried and calls Bansi to get rickshaw for her.

Bans tells that he is busy as he is acting in the play Ramleela. .But Sarla tells him to come fast in the same get up and that he has to play a villian role in real life. Shanti is talking to herself and check the trunk.

Rani is keeping an eye on Sarla  but Sarla comes to know and in turn runs fast and hides from he.So when Rani comes out to check on her sarla scares her off and asks her whether she was spying on her.Then they start with their arguments again as usual.

Riya is excited and is readying the thaali plate for Teej, she takes a snap and send it to Shivam wishing him Happy Hartalika.Sarla then tells Rani that she is going out and will be back soon and to look after the house.

Seeing Riya’s message Shivam smiles and sends her a reply, she also tells him that she will keep tomorrows fast for him.Shivam tell her that now with her heart her stomach will also take his name.

Sarla comes to the icecream parlor and meets Shanti. Bansi says Sarla has made her mum join her gang also. Bunty asks Riya to not call Shivam then their love will increase. She says if you keep distance, you will always be close to him.

Riya tells that it is difficult but she can try to keep some distance with Shivam. Riya then proceeds to ecall Shivam but e does not pick up. Riya tells that she will pick up the phone when he calls as they are husband and wife now.

Shanti and Sarla meet up and are wearing  black goggles for disguise.Shanti tells her that you wanted chandrahaar and so i made sure that Kaushalaya will not speak to Raghav till Deepavali.Sarla thanks her. Shanti tells that her 5 lakhs were gone because of Raghav and proceeds to tell their kids rate for marriage according to the Panditji she tells that for  Amit it is 15 lakhs, Shivam 15 lakhs and Raghav 18 lakhs and we had to face such a big loss. Listening to this Sarla starts crying saying that it is Riya’s fault for our loss and that she got Rani instead.She asks about Ashok’s rate. Shanti says no one will take him for free.

Shanti tells that she will teach Kaushalya and Riya a good lesson as Riya is a modern girl and knows nothing about the rituals and will make mistakes taking this on my side will show them true colours.

Kaushalya is crying and talking to Raghav’s picture that she cannot live without speaking to him.

Riya and Shivam are thinking about each other and Shivam is hearing Riya’s voice message of telling him to come soon and that she is missing him a lot and he smiles listening to this. He replies by voice messaging her that it was his mistake. She then sends him I love you message but he tells that when the right time comes he will reply. She tells that does she have to take a rebirth to hear this from him and that she is ready to take 7 rebirths for it.He tells that it is too less and they both smile.


Nimmi  is making the arrangements for the Teej rituals and talks to Shanti. Kaushalya then tells  Shanti of giving a call to Riya for explaining her everything to which she replies no need as Lali is there and that she taunts her by saying that she does not trust Lali and goes to give her a call.

Amit comes and scolds Rani for meeting in the market. Sarla says that was not Rani. Amit asks was it her twin sister. Sarla says yes, it was Tani. Rani says yes. Sarla says Lord will make us meet Tani some day. Amit asks Sarla to know the rate of the land Prabha gave. Sarla tells yes we will know about it.

Bua tells that Shanti has yet not given her a call about the teej rituals, Anupama tells its good as they will get some more time with Riya.

Lali then gets a call from Shanti telling her about the Teej and that she will come when she wants.

Amit talks to Sarla and gets angry on Rani. He says he wants some land near Ashok’s canteen. Ashok comes and asks Amit to do some good legal work, and its not his land that he can give to Amit. Amit argues and says he wants half share for the canteen. Ashok then tells him that if does anything then it will shut down and that he just has the contract.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to invite guests tomorrow. Kaushalya says Renu and Pradeep can’t come again so soon as kids have exams. Nimmi tells Shanti to call Bindu also and Shani scolds her for this. She then tells them that Raghav will come home soon and not to make an issue about it.Kauhalya then tells that some items are remaining for the rituals.Shanti shouts and tells her to leave.Shanti tells that she has got an educated daughter in law and is telling sorry.

Raghav tells Shanti that his relation with mum and sister can’t break ever, and if anyone does not agree, then she can go to Maayka. Kaushalya looks on and gets sad. Shanti smiles.

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