Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 09 February 2017 Written Update

Star Plus serial Mera Angne Mein Written Update 09.02.2017 WU

Mere Angne Mein serial (09th February 2017) episode starts with Shanti hiding and eating food. Nimmi knocks the door. Shanti opens the door. Nimmi says I have done campaigning well. Shanti could not talk. Nimmi asks why are you not saying anything. Shanti makes excuse. Nimmi goes and gets water. Shanti swallows the food fast. Shanti says I m on hunger strike, I can’t drink water. Nimmi keeps water and goes. Shanti drinks some water and says I got my phone here. Nimmi asks why did you lock door. Shanti says its my room, I can do anything. Nimmi says I mean main door. Shanti says I took rest and locked door, so what. Nimmi asks how is your health. Shanti says I m fine, I have to fight elections but I feel same two persons of one family should not fight in elections. Nimmi says don’t have hope from Sarla, she won’t remove her name.

Shanti says I did not give you permission to backbite about her. Nimmi says she will never think good of anyone, she can never change. Shanti asks what did you say. Nimmi says Sarla will never change. She goes. Shanti drinks water.

Sarla does her election campaign. Amit helps her. Sarla distributes sarees and gifts. Kaushalya sees Sarla gifting cookers and sareers. She scolds Sarla for being selfish to not care for Shanti, she is on hunger strike and you won’t care if she dies. Sarla says stop it, is Shanti not adamant. Kaushalya says listen to Shanti, she always heard you, will you not do as she says.

Sarla says I can’t give what she wants, you all are jealous of me. Kaushalya says its your wish to believe me or not, see this video, Shanti’s state is so bad, if anything happens to Shanti, then her party will surely win. She cheers for Shanti. The lady says I will give vote to Shanti. Sarla takes cooker from lady and asks her to die. Lady scolds Sarla. Sarla and Amit leave from that lane.

Kaushalya does Shanti’s campaign and stares at Sarla angrily. Riya is on the way to ration office. Pari and Bansi come to ration card office. They meet the officer and asks him to cut Riya’s name from Shanti’s ration card, all papers are there, Riya is my sister in law, she died, just remove her name, we made affidavits also. The man says we need death certificate too, let me check all papers. Pari thinks if Riya comes, our plan will fail. Riya thinks to go to record room first.

Sarla comes home and says none will give us vote now, family has become enemy. The party man asks her will she move back by seeing Shanti, Tawa party is gaining votes by using Shanti’s hungry state video, you can lose in elections. Sarla worries. She says my fate always gets bad. Amit asks what happened. Sarla says if Shanti dies, Raghav will end ties with me, people will hate me, her party will win, and if Shanti survives, she will not forgive me for not taking name back. Amit says we will go and see if Shanti is really ill or not. They leave.

Kaushalya comes home and asks Shanti to have food, else she will talk listen to her. Nimmi asks what happened. Kaushalya says see her state, I worry for her, I can’t see her hungry, come. She apologizes to Shanti and asks her to have food. Shanti refuses. Kaushalya says Sarla will not move back, she will fight elections, its same, you win or Sarla. Shanti says how to fight with family in front of world, there is no annoyance in family, but politics has all bad things, I m doing this to make Sarla step back. Kaushalya says your Leela is great, I don’t understand this, forgive me, I can’t see your state like this. Shanti says you are gau bahu, take the food. The man cuts Riya’s name and also from records. He asks Pari to get new ration card. Pari thinks to take the file, else Riya will get certificate. She acts and takes the file. Pari runs. Bansi says she was getting vomiting and left.

Bansi sees Riya and hides. The man looks for the file. Bansi leaves. Riya talks to the officer and asks for ration card copy. He says your dad and sister in law came here and got your name removed, they got even your death certificate. Riya asks what, my dad is not here, and I m alive. The man says you have to get your ID card and then get name back in records. She says someone is planning this. He says I understand, but that girl left just now. Riya goes out and sees Bansi. She asks him to listen. He runs.

Shanti thinks Kaushalya did not come till now. Kaushalya comes. Shanti says you came Sarla. Kaushalya thinks Shanti is waiting for Sarla and feels bad. She says its me Kaushalya. Sarla and Amit hide and look on. Shanti asks did Sarla take name back. Kaushalya says no, how can anyone see mother in pain. Sarla says see how Kaushalya is filling Shanti’s ears, I will show her. Amit says wait, we will see them. Shanti says yamraj is coming, tell Sarla that I love her a lot, I will bless her, I know you will keep garland on my pic. Kaushalya says no don’t do this. Shanti sees Sarla….. Sarla and Amit hide.

The man throws newspaper and goes. Riya checks Belan party’s ad. She sees Bansi’s pic with Sarla and thinks Bansi and Sarla may have done this together.

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