Mere Angne Mein Written Episode 19 January 2017 MAM Written Update

Star Plus Mere Angne Mein 19th January 2017 Written Update WU

Mere Angne Mein serial episode (10.01.2017) starts with Shanti saying its good Nandu has run away, he will tell Shivam and make our fate good. Lady inspector says you have good fate to get Chappan bhog. They get burnt rotis served. Inspector scolds them and says beating will be fun. Everyone get worried. Lallan and Babloo come there. Amit gets shocked seeing Lallan. Lallan says my would be wife is missing. Sarla and her family get tensed. Inspector says do you doubt anyone. Lallan says I m sure that this family has done this, they have made my would be wife missing. Rani says what is he doing here. Sarla says what can we do now. Rani says we will get Riya, how will Amita come.

Sarla says I can’t tell Amit’s truth, you think, you do something. Shanti says what is he saying. Inspector asks how was she related to them.
Rani says she is my cousin. Lallan says liar, your aunty came home and said she has no other daughter. Rani asks did you believe Prabha, she talks nonsense. Shanti stares at Rani. Rani says I forgot to tell you all, Lallan is in love with my cousin sister. Lallan says if Amita is fine, I will not file report. Rani tells some story to Lallan. Sarla asks Shanti not to worry. Amit gets angry seeing Rani holding Lallan’s hand. Rani leaves Lallan’s hand. Rani says Shivam got shot, Riya is missing, they have put us in jail, so I have sent Amita away. Lallan says you did right. Rani says go home and wait for us to get free. Babloo calls Amit as Papa. Everyone get shocked. Amit says I m no one to this boy and defends himself.

Preeti breaks Shanti Sadan’s lock. A lady sees her and taunts. Preeti gets inside the house and checks cupboard. Inspector scares Shanti and everyone. Sarla asks Shanti to accept crime and go jail alone, or take Kaushalya along. Nimmi argues with Sarla. Sarla says I know big lawyers. Nandu comes home. Preeti comes and says you came. He says door was open. She says don’t worry, I will not go away. He says if you go somewhere, I will find you, where did you go. She says Shanti Sadan. He asks why. She says I broke the lock, I did not go to steal anything, I got emotional and went to cry there. He says I could not know who is close to you.

Raghav argues with inspector. Everyone feel cold by the cooler. Raghav says its bad to keep women in cold. Inspector troubles Raghav by burning coal and making smoke. Raghav coughs. Inspector asks constable to beat the family well. Shanti hugs Nimmi. Nandu is worried for everyone and thinks how to help them. He says I can’t let them stay in jail. Preeti says what can we do. We are poor people, I don’t think anything can happen at night. He says I called Shivam, his number was busy. She asks him not to get into this matter. He says they are my family and its my duty to help them.

Constable beats up Shanti badly. Nimmi says we did not do anything, I will stay in jail to save family, please leave Shanti. Shanti says you will not do anything. Sarla says Nimmi agreed to sign on papers and accept crime. Shanti says Nimmi did not do anything. Babloo says they are bad people, they are on jail. Lallan gets call. The lady says I can’t come there, stay there and take care of Babloo. Lallan agrees.

Shanti and everyone feel cold. Constable asks Nimmi to sign on papers. Shanti stops Nimmi by biting her hand and says her hand is cut, she can’t sign now. Everyone look on. Inspector says fine, sign tomorrow, else the day will be bad. Nimmi says I will sign tomorrow, don’t do anything to Shanti. Shanti says I m still alive, no need to do anything. They feel cold by cooler air.

Nimmi says I will sign, get papers. Nimmi is about to sign. Shivam comes and stops her. Everyone get relieved seeing him.

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