Mohi 12 September 2015 Written Episode

Star Plus serial ‘Mohi’ 12 September 2015 Written Update (WU)

Today’s (12.09.2015) Mohi episode starts with Mohi feeling bad knowing everyone feels she is maid of the house.

Mohi gets tea for everyone and hears them discussing about her. Manohar tells Ayush said the girl has come by forcing Ayush, ask her from where she has come. Deepa says fine her family background. Manohar says fine, I will call SP and find out about her family. Mohi recalls her Nana and Mahua. Mohi feels what wrong did she do.

Mahua tells Nana that villagers pushed for Mohi’s marriage and sent her with Ayush. Mahua and Nana cry. He says I could not give Mohi his blessing and he had so many dreams about Mohi’s marriage and gets sad.

Mohi tells her village name Bhuvana to Ayush’s family. She says Ayush has come there. She says Ayush stayed in a stable and everyone has a hearty laugh with the thought. They ask her how did she meet Ayush.

Mohi remembers her first meet with Ayush and tells them that they met in a fair. They ask about her family. Mohi says about Mahua and Nana. She says that she does not have any idea about her father as she has never seen him.

Manohar says so your Nana has raised you. Nana cries and asks where did Mohi go. Mahua says Harya told that Mohi and Ayush went to Pune.

Nana says I will try to trace them, give me Ayush’s number. Mahua says I don’t have. He asks for house address. She says I don’t know. He asks is she mad to send Mohi with Ayush, what kind of a mother is she. He says we did a big mistake to send her and cries.

Swati asks Mohi to do work later, and have rest and food. Swati thinks Mohi is here to earn money, because she does not have a father. They all feel Mohi’s life will change because of Ayush, and she is doing a lot of hardwork.

Ayush comes to meet Anusha. She smiles seeing him. Anusha hugs him and says she is glad. He says he wants to tell her something. She asks whats the matter, tell me. He says nothing, and thinks she trusts him a lot. Its just he faced many problems in Bhuvana. She says I know. He asks what do you know. She says I heard you shouting when I called you, I thought I lost you, I got a bad dream, I felt you are in problem, I did not inform mum and went to Bhuvana with Anand.

She says relax, you are back to me now, is everything fine. He thinks nothing is fine, but he is afraid to tell the truth. He says yes, I m unable to forget what all happened there. She says she is glad he is back. He thinks our love will not change, but how to say what happened.


Shubhangi goes to see the dining table whether Mohi has cleaned it, and gets shocked seeing something

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