Mohi 18th September 2015 Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Mohi 18th September 2015 Written update (WU)

Today’s (18.09.2015) episode of the serial starts with Ayush confronting Mohi what she spoke to Anusha, she tells what was the truth. Ayush asks her what Anusha wanted to know.They show the flashback scene where Anusha asks Mohi why has she come over here.Mohi answers that she was helpless and sits to make Anusha wear the sandal. Anusha Obliges her offer and tells to Mohi that she is very sweet.

Mohi smiles at her and then Anusha leaves. After the flashback Mohi tells Ayus to believe her that she did not break her promise. He tells her to stay away from Anusha and not to create any problems for him.

Anusha is sitting in her room and recalling Mohi’s words on the other hand Ayush is trying to call her but she doesn’t receive his call saying that she very hurt with what Ayush has done.

Madhur is in a hurry to leave and tells Swati to give his tiffin. Mohi tells him to have some breakfast and leave and that she has made it.   Madhur likes her food and then Sharad comes and Mohi tells him the same he also joins and tells that it is an healthy habit. Even Madhur praises Mohi and tells her to teach it to Swati also.

When Madhur and Sharad are leaving Shubhangi tells Sharad to get the dry-cleaning clothes from the shop.Swati then tells that we should also taste the food made by Mohi.Kaki then tells that Manohar might have forgotten the umbrella and noe will get wet in the rain, Mohi tells that she gave him the umbrella and that to get coriander also.Kaki tells that he will not get it because when he goes for walk he doesn’t like to buy anything.Mohi then asks them that everyone is in a hurry in the city life and in the village the life is slow.

When Manohar returns from his walk he asks for some water and kaki tells that he has forgotten to get coriander to which he replies that he has got fresh corianders and tells Mohi about his times.

When Ayush comes and asks for his tiffin Mohi gives it to him but he refuses.While washing Ayush clothes she see some papers in it and at that Ayush comes and tells her not to touch his clothes

Rekha and Vinay have an argument. She argues that he is making Anusha like him. Ayush comes to meet Anusha and asks why is she not answering his calls. He asks them why she is annoyed.

Ayush and Anushya then enter in an hospital cafe and he gets hurt by the table corner.Anusha asks is he doing fine he tells that yes. Anusha then talks with Ayush and asks him why he doe not share his personal life with her.Ayush then asks what she wants to know about his life to which she replies that about Mohi. Listening to this he gets stunned and recalls about Mohi and the wedding.

Ayush asks what she wants to know about Mohi. Anusha says everything and why he did not inform her about Mohi.


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