Mohi 21st September Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Mohi 21st September Written Episode Update (WU)

Today’s (21.09.2015) episode begins with the Cafe scene where Ayush and Anusha are having a chat.And on the other hand Madhur scolding Anjali as she has bought a very expensive phone and she replies by saying that it was bought from her own money. Sharad also takes her side and justifies by telling that comparatively it is not that expensive.Madhur becomes upset and tells that after lot of hard work and problems we have reached this stage and that we should not copy what others are doing.He further added that when their parents died he was very small and that Manohar has made them independent after so much hard work and their Bhabi also did all the work alone at home so they could save money.

He then explain to Anjali the contribution of each member in the house where Sharad did a part time job along with his studies and Swati continued her work even after he marriage. And he also gave coaching classes and that everyone wanted to have a good life but we joined together and saved the money to make this as a home.Listenin to this all the elders have tears in their eyes and Madhur tells that he wanted everyone to have a good life.

Anusha is telling Ayush that she will give Mohi some training and will also get to know her but Ayush refuses it and tells that she has come to do household work and Aai and Kaki are there to train her.Anusha gives a smile and tells Ayush that he is very posessive about Mohi to which he gets mad. Anusha tells that she was only having fun and it was just a joke.

Ayush tells her that he is tired of Mohi and that everyone treats her like a family member.Anusha tells that she is a family……, Ayush says not at all she is just a maid and nothing more. But Anusha tells that every member is like a family to her like Jhilmil and i take her as my sister and not a maid.She then praises about Mohi that she is sweet and innocent and that she feels bad that she is away from her family. She asks Ayush that why he go her here and he replies that he has not got her.

Anusha tells that what her parents’ helplessness might be that they have sent her here, I pity on villagers. Ayush says it was Mohi’s wish, I was helpless, villagers are not innocent, Bhuvana people are selfish, clever and manipulative. She says I can’t believe this after meeting Mohi. He pats on the table and gets angry. Manohar asks Madhur to let their children live their way. Madhur says yes, but children should value money, you gave us love and regarded Sharad as son, but your love has made us, not spoiled, but today’s children feel everything that glitters is gold.

Madhur voices his concern and tells that it is not about the money and the phone that he is worried about but about the respect and values that are loosing its touch.Even if Anjali would have asked someone before buying this phone i would have felt that our children respect our decision and take our permission. This makes Anjali cry.

Anusha then goes on to feed Ayush but Ayush tells her that Uncle and Aunty are coming as if we are doing something wrong and then will give us a lecture.The old couple blesses them and thanks for reminding their young years. Ayush and Anusha have an eyelock and smile.

Anjali is in tears and tells that she should have asked her her Dad first before taking any step and justifies her intention of buying the new phone was so that she can give the old phone to her Aai .Madhur then explains to her that there is a difference between wishes and needs and our wishes never gets over.

Mohi then tells them to come close to take a family picture they all give a big smile and she takes the snap.Mohi is smiling looking at it and Ayush comes home so Mohi tells him to have some food. Ayush gets angry and tells her that she will never get a place in the house and she will never impress him.

Ayush asks Mohi to be away from Anusha and acts rude to her. She gets sad.

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