Naagin 3 17 June 2018 Written Update Nagin 3 Written Episode

Colors Naagin 3 17 Written Episode, Nagin 3 written update

Today’s (17.06.2018) Naagin 3 episode starts with

Yuvi’s Mom is crestfallen that Yuvi has run away from marriage when Maahir tells her that. She is worried about what will happen to Bella now and all the guests who came to the wedding. Yuvi’s father gets really agitated. Yuvi’s mom is really worried about him as the weather gets worse. Vish talks to herself while sitting on the throne, reiterating the fact that everyone is going to kill. She gets her new target ready. Yuvi’s friend calls Vish to the wedding because they were missing her. She asks him to bet on her.

Bella and her father have father-daughter moment where she says she is very happy to get married to Yuvi. Yuvi’s father is scared that if the wedding doesn’t happen, he will be destroyed. That’s when a man enters wearing the sehra covering his face. Yuvi’s parents mistake him for Yuvi but it’s actually Maahir. The latter says he is doing this for Bela because he had promised her he will never do anything to harm her happiness or her wedding. His mom asks him to think again but he seems determined. Pratham and Suhani are about to sit for their wedding but are waiting for Yuvi and Bella. That’s when Vish enters and announces that Yuvi has left. That’s when Maahir enters with his face hidden behind the sehra. Vish is shocked because like everyone else she also mistakes him for Yuvi whereas it’s Maahir. Bella then steps down fro her wedding. Vish is furious. Bella is oblivious that her groom has been swapped and asks for Maahir. Vish is getting increasingly uneasy.

Bella asks Yuvi why he was late. Bella feels there is something amiss and stares at Maahir for a few minutes. Bella realises it’s Maahir sitting next to her and unmasks his face. While everyone is shocked, Vish is happy. She even wins her bet with Yuvi’s friends. Bella asks everyone where is Yuvi but everyone hangs their head in shame. Maahir reveals to her that Yuvi has left. Bella is left in shock and is about to fall when Maahir rescues her. Bella asks Maahir he had promised everything will be fine but he instead tried to marry in Yuvi’s place. She runs away from the mandap. Yuvi’s father’s businessmen friends are really upset with this turn of events.

A crying Bella gets out of the house. Yuvi’s mom follows her and catches up with her. She tries to comfort Bella but the latter is too depressed to care. She tries to tell how Maahir is good but Bella is not interested. Bella tells her she trusted her and Maahir but everything went wrong. Yuvi’s mom apologises to her but Bella asks her to marry her sons off to someone better. She says that she has kept the clothes and ornaments behind. She is leaving with just shame. Bella spots her father storming off and follows her. Yuvi’s mother is really worried for them. Pratham and Suhani’s wedding goes unabated.

Vish knows people will turn to her for help and that’s exactly what happens. Mr Sehgal comes to her and gives her a deal she can’t refuse. He decides to get Maahir married off to Vish. Maahir’s mom is shocked. Maahir apologises to Suhani for what happened to Bella. Mr. Sehgal, Maahir’s father, slams his wife for the whole chaos. She is not ready to approve this union. Mr. Sehgal is just interested in his investors and doesn’t care about anyone’s emotions. He will make sure Maahir gets married. Maahir’s mom doesn’t tell Maahir who he is going to marry. Vish goes to the mandap with her face hidden while Maahir waits. Vish is deliriously happy. She again talks to herself on how she is going kill them all. Maahir is oblivious he is getting married to Vish. Interestingly, Vish even cares to explain how she got a similar lehanga.

Vish spots the real Raavi who was supposed to be with Yuvi. So that she doesn’t get caught, she sets her lehenga on fire which weirdly nobody saw. What is strange is she even knows where the lights are and switches them off. The whole mandap catches fire. Vish in the meanwhile takes Raavi to her own palace promising she will tell her everything. Raavi tries to understand who Vish is and then she reveals she is a Naagin. She reveals to her that she killed Yuvi after going round and round about it. Raavi tries to run away from Vish. Vish turns into a Naagin to kill Raavi. She moves in a really weird way. Looks like some robotic machine. She throws Raavi on the chandelier and throws her out of the palace.

Vish then reaches Sehgal palace. But Vish gets the shock of her life when she sees someone else getting married to Maahir. Vish gets all frustrated but then Maahir’s mom breaks it to her that Bella has returned. Vish gets really agitated. Vish tells Maahi’s mom how can Bella agree to marry Maahir when she doesn’t know him. That’s when Maahir’s mom asks her how did she say yes to Maahir when she doesn’t even know her. She reveals that Mr Sehgal asked her to marry Maahir. Bella gets married to Maahir and reads the vows. Maahir’s mom insists she never wanted Vish as Maahir’s wife. She then narrates how Bella returned to marry Maahir. Vish accuses Maahir’s mom of turning her into a vamp while siding with Bella. Maahir’s mom reveals how she managed to get Bella here. It switches to a flashback where both Bella and her father jump into a river to kill themselves. Maahir’s mom follows them and tries to stop them.


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