Naagin Written Episode 23 April 2016, Nagin Written Update WU

Colors Naagin Written Update 23.04.2016

The episode starts with Ritik getting ready for morning workout. Sesha in Shivanya’s avatar comes and says she knows he is angry on her, but she wants to talk to him a lot. He says he will speak to her after coming from gym and leaves. Sesha turns to herself and murmurs today is Ritik’s special night.

Yamini goes to Gurumaa and says she cannot trust Sesha as she is Shivanya’s sister and may get emotional. She needs someone else to tackle them both. Gurumaa says she has one nagin. Yamini says why did not she inform her and hid nagin til now. Gurumaa says this nagin is unusual and she may trouble her. Yamini says she just needs nagin now. Gurumaa takes out bottle and orders nagin come out. Eunuch nagin Chutki comes out and acts weird. Gurumaa warns Yamini again. Yamini takes Chuki with her. She reaches home and asks Chutki to behave. Chutki clashes with Angad and asks who is this handsome. Yamini says he is her youngest son and asks her to behave again. She sees Rithik and Ankush walking on treadmill and asks who is this handsome. Shivanya says her elder son. Chutki asks old handsome. Yamini says he is her maali, husband and asks to stay away from him.

Sesha wears s*xy black nightie and sprinkles flower petals on bed, thinks Ritik will get what he needs today. Rithik comes in and she starts romancing him. He says everyone romance on bed, he wants to try different. He picks her and keeps on dressing table and touches her back with ring. Her skin changes to snake’s. He realizes that naagin is in Shivanya’s form and stragulates her neck. She tries to bite him, but he holds her tightly, sprinkles holy ash on her, and takes her down and says family that he caught nagin due to his tattoo mark on his neck, he will hand her over to Guruma. Yamini asks where is Shivanya. He says she is missing from home and they need to find her out.

Gurumaa continues her pooja afte capturing Shivanya. Shivanya sees her busy and escapes. Ritik reaches gurumaa’s den with Ankush, asks him to stay out, and goes in. He shows nagin and says he caught one nagin who has kinapped Shivanya. She asks him to keep nagin in a box and leave. He asks to find out where is Shivanya. She asks him to go out for sometime. He goes out and waits near car. He leaves. Gurumaa gets Shesha out and asks how did he catch her. Shesha asks where is Shivanya. Gurumaa says she escaped. Shivanya watches everything and rushes home.

Ritik tensely thinks where to find Shivanya now. Shivanya calls him and says nagin had kidnapped her, but she escaped. She is at home and wants to tell him something important. He rushes home and Shivanya comes down. Yamini is shocked seeing Shivanya. Shivanya tells Ritik that Sangram Singh and his wife are his parents are his real parents and not Yamini and Ankush. Yamini starts acting and requests Shivanya not to snatch her son from her, she cannot live without him. Ankush start shedding fake tears. Ritik slaps her and says he warned her not to trouble her parents, but she did. She should get out of his house and only return when she respects his parents. Shivanya says his father Sangram is alive and he sees his father in dreams and himself as child. She continues that she knows where his father is. Ritik follows her. Yamini asks maali Ankush to kill both Sangram and Ritik..

Shivanya takes Ritik to shiv temple and calls Sangram, but he is not found there. Yamini reaches with Ankush and asks him to kill Sangram and Ritik both. Ankush walks in with gun while Yamini enters and starts acting and pleads Shivanya not to take her son away from her. Shivanya asks to stop her drama. Rithik walks out with Yamini angrily.

Sesha ties Gurudev and Sangram singh to pillars and tries to bite Sangram. Sangram says he has rajvansh tatoo on his back and is protector of nagmani, nagin cannot harm him. She says they both will die. She walks out and meets Yamini in jungle. Shivanya sits in jungle thinking Rithik did not believe her. Yamini sees Shivanya and asks Sesha to change into Ankush soon. She then asks Ankush where did he hostage Sangram singh. Ankush says in hill top cave. Shivanya hears their conversation and thinks of capturing Ankush and freeing Sangram. Yamini then asks Sesha/ankush to go keep an eye on Shivanya while she sends real Ankush here. Shivanya prepares trap and waits of Ankush. Ankush comes and she hangs him reverse on tree. Ankush says today nagin came in her bahu’s form. She says she is his bahu and real nagin and is the daughter of nags whom he killed. Yamini reaches home and tells Ritik that Shivanya captured Ankush and has taken him to hill top cave, he should save his father. Ritik rushes towards cave with her. Shivanya continues confronting Ankush and asks him to accept in front of Ritik. He agrees. She is about to get him down when Shesha cuts rope and bamboo pierces Ankush and he dies. Shivanya sees her and she runs from there. Shivanya gets Sangram down and says he cannot die. Ritik comes with Yamini and is shocked to see her with Ankush’s dead body.


Shivanya tells Rithik that she really loves him. Rithik stabs her.


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