Naamkaran 05 October 2017 Written Episode, Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran 05th October 2017 Written Update, Namkaran 05 October 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (05.10.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Neil tells Dayawanti that Amol showed him the way to come to Rang Mahal by hiding inside the Ravan Idol. Juhi and Guruma see a religious procession heading towards them. Dayawanti says that she will prove in court that all his proofs are wrong.

Neil says he can do anything for Avni. Avni looks emotionally at Neil. Guruma tells Juhi that she does not have the guts to go against her. Guruma tells Juhi that she has done so much for her and made her a diamond and she should let her escape. Guruma goes towards the procession. Dayawanti asks Neil how he can love an illegitimate person. Neil says that he knows Avni’s worth. Neil asks Amol why he wants to suffer in jail with Dayawanti.

Amol pushes away Dayawanti and comes in front of Neil and begs him not to shoot him. Amol says he will do anything what he says. Juhi sees the trishul with the Durga Maa Idol. Guruma gets struck with the Trishul. People surround Guruma and Juhi witnesses Guruma dying. Amol tells Neil that he will be their witness. Dayawanti comes out of hiding and tells Amol that he a coward. Dayawanti points a gun at Amol and threatens to kill him. (Also See: Naamkaran Spoilers – Leap in story, Neil and Avni to have a baby)

Dayawanti shoots and Avni gets hit by the bullet. Juhi asks the people to go and she will be with Guruma.  Guruma tells Juhi that she is free to go now and ask her if she will go to Neil. Guruma says that Neil does not love her and he loves only Avni. Juhi says she is happy to be out of hell. Guruma says that she will never be able to enjoy her freedom. Guruma tells Juhi she will never get anything. Guruma tells Juhi that she will suffer all her life. Juhi begs Guruma to tell her where is her daughter and Guruma says she will never find her. Juhi begs Guruma to tell her but Guruma dies. Ali comes there and calms down Juhi. DD asks Ali to take away Juhi. Juhi remembers Guruma’s words that she will never be able to find her daughter.  Dayawanti says that no one can destroy her and she has killed Avni too. Avni suddenly wakes up. Neil tells Amol that he did all this so that Amol would realize his grandmother’s true evil face. Neil says that the gun had fake bullets. Neil tells Amol that his grandmother tried to kill Avni and then tries to kill him. Dayawanti takes a fire torch and warns to kill Avni and grabs Avni. Avni says she is not scared of death. Avni says she is ready to die as Amol betrayed her in a big way. Avni tells Dayawanti that she trapped Ashish Mehta also for her own selfishness. Avni tells Daya that she killed her own son. Avni calls Dayawanti selfish. Avni scolds Amol for not realizing Dayawanti’s evilness. Avni says that she wants to be killed by Amol. Dayawanti asks Amol to bury her sister after she kills her. Neil tries to help Avni but she asks him to stay away. Dayawanti puts kerosene around Avni. Amol tells Avni that she should die and asks her why she came back for him. Amol pulls out Avni from the kerosene and pushes Dayawanti inside instead.

Naamkran 06 October 2017 Precap:

Amol tells Dayawanti that he wants to end the evil and he sets her on fire.

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