Naamkaran 28 August 2017 Written Episode Namkaran Written Update

Star Plus serial Naamkaran Written Update 28th August 2017, Namkaran 28 August 2017 Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (28.08.2017) Naamkaran episode starts with Aman meets Avni and Avni tells her that she wants him to take her to Jaguda. Aman remembers Guruma taking the name of the same place. Avni sits on Aman’s bike and they drive off but Aman is nervous.

Shweta calls up Riya and tells her to accompany her for shopping as she wants to buy the things which will remind Neil of Juhi. Avni reaches the bus ticket window and realizes that the bus has been cancelled. Avni sees Juhi there with the goon and Juhi is tensed as the bus is cancelled. Avni meets Juhi and tells her that if she is not able to reach Ramnagar for the Pooja she can come to her place for the Pooja.

Aman tries to contact Dayawanti but Avni distracts him. Avni asks Aman to take him back home. Juhi tells the goon that she wants to go to Ramnagar or else allow her to go anywhere for Ganesh Pooja. The goon calls up Guruma and tells her that Juhi wants to go for Ganpati Pooja. Guruma tells him to allow her to go as he should not come between God and devotee. Neil thinks he has to get information about the blast.

Avni overlooks the decorations for the Pooja. Shweta comes there and praises Avni’s work. Avni thanks Shweta for letting her organize the Ganpati Pooja. Shweta asks Avni whether Neil will come for the Pooja and Avni assures her. Neil gets dressed in traditional clothes and Neil asks her why is she making him dressed in such clothes if they are going on a date. Avni lies that they are going for a movie. Avni is about to put Sindoor but Neil stops her and puts the Sindoor by himself. Avni and Neil share an eye lock. Neela and Aman arrive for the Ganpati Pooja and Shweta welcomes them. Aman wonders why Shweta is so kind with Avni. Bebe wonders why everything has been decorated. The maid says that Avni has done everything and Bebe gets surprised hearing this. Neela says that Avni has planned the ganpati Pooja for Neil. Bebe thinks that this cannot happen and they should stop Neil from coming. Avni makes Neil close his eyes and gets him for the Pooja. Neil opens his eyes and gets shocked seeing the Ganpati Pooja function. Neil recalls his memories with Juhi. Avni tells Bebe that she has started believing in God because of Neil. Neela feels there is some problem. Neil tells Prakash that he has some urgent work and leaves. Neil says that he cannot wait for this Pooja. Family proceeds for the Pooja. Bebe wonders why Avni did all this. Neela asks Avni who gave her idea for the Pooja. Avni sees that Neil has left. DD asks Avni where has Neil gone and Avni says to the police station. Neela thinks something is wrong. Bebe thinks that Avni should not come to know about the truth. Shweta tells Bebe and Prakash that Avni has hurt Neil’s feelings. Shweta says that Neil still remembers Juhi. Neil thinks about the past with Juhi where he got a gift for Juhi but does not give it to her so she gets upset. Neil gives Juhi a small idol of Ganpati and Juhi gets very happy. Neil is disturbed by the memory. Juhi arrives there in an auto rickshaw and walks behind Neil. Avni asks Prakash where is Neil and says that she knows he has not gone to the police station as DD would know about it. Bebe says that DD is lying and Neil is doing is work. Avni says she will not do the Aarti till Neil comes. Shweta thinks that Avni will have to leave. Avni wonders where is Neil. Shweta confronts Avni and Avni says that she thinks Neil has become angry with her for keeping the Pooja. Bebe intervenes and tells Shweta to get lost and tells Avni to confront Neil directly as people will mislead her. Neil turns around and sees Juhi.

Naamkaran 29 August 2017 Precap:

Avni finds a picture in Neil’s cupboard which is folded and when she opens it she sees it is a picture for Neil and Juhi

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