Naamkaran upcoming twists – Avni gets electrocuted, Neil takes a Sardar disguise

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Naamkaran serial in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Avni (Aditi Rathore) makes a plan to hurt Ragini Pandit. Sunehri gets injured instead. Ragini Pandit and Avni have a fight. Avni frames Ragini Pandit in the crime. She feels bad for hurting Sunehri. Ragini Pandit loses her cool and attacks Avni. Avni provokes her more, to show who’s falling in the bad light. She gets Ragini Pandit punished. Avni wants to trouble her. Avni gets electrocuted in order to fail Ragini Pandit’s plans. When Ragini Pandit threatens her about Neela, Avni teaches her a lesson.

At the same time, Neil (Zain Imam) takes a Sardar’s disguise and reaches Vidyut’s hideout. He finds Neela there. He tries to get her freed. Neil attempts to fool Vidyut’s men into releasing Neela. Neil was informed about Neela by Avni. He learns the pressure build-up on Avni. He wants to save Neela at the earliest and inform Avni to cancel her escape plans. He doesn’t want Vidyut to get his mother released. Neil shows his identity to Neela and calms her. Neela plays a drama. She then gets on his side to fool Vidyut.

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Neil takes disguise as a Sardar for upcoming track

In the jail, Avni is being forced by Ragini Pandit. Avni tells her that she can kill her right away and end the trouble forever, but it is beacuse of Neela’s upbringing that she is sparing her enemy’s life. She asks Ragini Pandit to get ready at night and execute the escape plan. Avni wants to save Neela’s life. She adds sleeping pill in the tea and serves to jail staff and prisoners. She tells Ragini Pandit that they can escape from the jail once everyone sleeps. Ragini Pandit asks her not to cheat. Avni cuts the current wires and guides her to run, hoping she will free Neela once she is out of the jail. 

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